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When tak­ing a class at Hum­ming Puppy, one of the first things you will no­tice is that the room quite lit­er­ally 'Hum's'... and this is by no means an ac­ci­dent! The yoga space or ‘shala’ is in­jected with a com­bi­na­tion of fre­quen­cies to en­hance and deepen your ex­pe­ri­ence. More specif­i­cally they use a com­bi­na­tion of 7.83hz and 40hz. Be­ing sub­merged in th­ese fre­quen­cies helps you to nat­u­rally pro­duce match­ing fre­quen­cies through a process of en­train­ment. At 7.83hz, oth­er­wise known as the Schu­mann Res­o­nance, the fre­quency of the earth it­self and helps to 'ground' you through your prac­tice. 40hz is specif­i­cally as­so­ci­ated with ‘Gamma’ brain­wave ac­tiv­ity, in­te­gral for achiev­ing states of peak per­for­mance.

Hum­ming Puppy's founders are Jackie Alexan­der and Chris Koch, part­ners in both life and busi­ness.

Jackie man­aged den­tal prac­tices and was led by her pas­sion for yoga. She en­rolled in yoga teacher train­ing with the goal to open her own stu­dio.

In Jan 2014, Chris' com­pany, 1Form. com which was formed with his best mate was bought by the ASX listed REA group. 1Form was launched in their liv­ing room and be­came Aus­tralia’s lead­ing on­line ten­ancy ap­pli­ca­tion plat­form serv­ing over 3 mil­lion ten­ants (and still grow­ing) - more than 85% of the Aus­tralian real es­tate mar­ket.

The pair con­ceived Hum­ming Puppy over a Valen­tines Day din­ner in 2013 and are pas­sion­ate about shar­ing the gifts of yoga glob­ally.

Hum­ming Puppy has two stu­dios, one in Mel­bourne and one in Syd­ney.

Mel­bourne is the orig­i­nal Hum­ming Puppy and opened just over two years ago in Prahran, this area is the most pop­u­lated area for yoga stu­dios in the world with 40 stu­dios lo­cated in a 4km ra­dius!

The sec­ond Hum­ming Puppy was opened in April 2016 and is lo­cated in Red­fern in Syd­ney. It has al­ways been their vi­sion to open a third stu­dio in New York!

At Hum­ming Puppy, it is pre­ferred for stu­dents to travel light and leave feel­ing even lighter. All yoga equip­ment is pro­vided and bath­rooms are fully stocked with ev­ery­thing you need: sham­poo, con­di­tioner, body­wash, hair dry­ers, straight­en­ers, shower caps, hair ties and shower tow­els. Com­pli­men­tary tea, co­conut wa­ter and fil­tered wa­ter is pro­vided in lounge ar­eas for stu­dents.

There are five dif­fer­ent styles of classes. Mellow Hum is a su­per chill class that in­cludes gen­tle slow flows, restora­tive or Yin in­spired pos­tures de­pen­dent on the time of day. It's a slow paced, low in­ten­sity class that al­lows space and time to cul­ti­vate aware­ness and re­flec­tion. This is great for be­gin­ners to start their jour­ney or stu­dents want­ing to cre­ate in­ner still­ness and a calm med­i­ta­tive state of mind.

Uni­fied Hum is a medium in­ten­sity class that al­lows stu­dents to link breath to move­ment to calm the mind and strengthen the body. It's great for be­gin­ners want­ing to mind­fully progress their prac­tice with a fo­cus on align­ment and for ad­vanced stu­dents want­ing to move at a steady pace.

Dy­namic Hum is a high in­ten­sity class that can in­clude stronger, longer holds, Vinyasa flows and ad­vanced pos­tures that will en­er­gize and chal­lenge your

prac­tice. It is rec­om­mended that you feel com­pe­tent in a Uni­fied Hum class prior to at­tend­ing a Dy­namic Hum.

Ad­vanced Dy­namic Hum is a high in­ten­sity class that is chal­leng­ing but is de­liv­ered in a fun and in­ter­ac­tive way as you build towards a peak pose. Th­ese classes have an em­pha­sis on build­ing phys­i­cal strength and en­durance and in­cor­po­rates arm bal­ances and in­ver­sions.

It is rec­om­mended to prac­tice reg­u­larly for at least 6 months in a Dy­namic Hum class prior to at­tend­ing.

Deepen your Hum is the stu­dio's ver­sion of a workshop. Classes can be low, medium to high in­ten­sity de­pen­dent on the theme of the class and are open to all lev­els of stu­dents from be­gin­ners to ad­vanced prac­ti­tion­ers. Each month, the theme of our Deepen class changes with each week pro­gress­ing from the pre­vi­ous. Classes are de­signed for those stu­dents want­ing to deepen their yoga ex­pe­ri­ence and knowl­edge and al­low for in­ter­ac­tion and en­gage­ment be­tween the teacher and the stu­dent. Please re­fer to our timetable for monthly themes.

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