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Whether you've done it or not, one of the most known fit­ness per­son­al­i­ties is Sweatin' to the Oldies with Richard Sim­mons. His short shorts, tank tops and socks are equally as mem­o­rable as it was his uni­form. With his curly hair, big­ger than life and per­sona, peo­ple were drawn to his en­ergy and com­mit­ment to oth­ers.

As his em­pire was built on those that sim­ply wanted to con­nect and to have fun, he made him­self avail­able through his LA stu­dio, tapes, ap­pear­ances and more. But in re­cent years he van­ished! The man who was con­nected and even made him­self avail­able to bus tours by his home, was no longer there!

Dan Taber­ski goes on a jour­ney via his pod­cast to find out what happened to Richard Sim­mons and where he is? Along the way, he in­ter­views those who at­tended his classes, peo­ple who worked for him and those whose lives crossed path with him. In a means to con­nect with his fam­ily and Richard him­self, he be­gins to gen­er­ate a num­ber of the­o­ries on why Richard chose tis form of be­hav­ior to dis­con­nect. This pod­cast is an easy lis­ten that can be en­joyed in a few hours.

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