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AG: I per­son­ally hate to check a bag so know­ing that I need to take items like sun­screen and bug spray cre­ates a prob­lem for me. Ei­ther take a few travel size bot­tles of each or pur­chase those items when I ar­rive at my desti­na­tion. I’d also rec­om­mend tak­ing light lay­ers, a few swim suits if there’s a beach and zi­ploc bags for your wet and sandy items re­turn­ing with you. I’d also rec­om­mend bring­ing anti-frizz hair prod­ucts, mois­tur­iz­ers and per­haps some oil blot­ting wipes to keep your skin reg­u­lated.

AM: What should we do upon re­turn­ing from a trip to make it eas­ier?

AG: I’d like to say un­pack right away but that would make me a hyp­ocrite as I may hold the world record for tak­ing the long­est amount of time to un­pack :). Prior to us­ing DUFL, I would try to do my laun­dry be­fore re­turn­ing home to make re-en­try a bit eas­ier.

AM: Tell us more about Bat­tle of the Sexes: Va­ca­tion Travelling (i.e. women tra­di­tion­ally over pack and men tend to over­sim­plify. Do you see a dif­fer­ence in gen­der when it comes to pack­ing?)

AG: I must say, I have been sur­prised to see that there are plenty of men who ‘over pack’ just like the stereo­typ­i­cal wo­man does! While women do tend to store more items in their clos­ets, we think that be­cause DUFL al­lows folks to take as much as they want with them (no sac­ri­fic­ing items to fit in a carry-on bag or stay un­der weight limit at the air­port), our cus­tomers tend to take as much as they want. They bring busi­ness clothes, 70% of our users take work­out clothes with them on their trips and some­times things like pil­lows, blan­kets and robes make the trip as well.

AM: What are 5 es­sen­tials that ev­ery­one should have when trav­el­ing?

AG: Your own sham­poo and con­di­tioner, a good book, head­phones, work­out clothes, com­fort­able/sen­si­ble shoes, and bug re­pel­lent- es­pe­cially to trop­i­cal ar­eas

AM: What are 5 items that we should not bring when trav­el­ing?

AG: Too much jew­elry. Stick with a few clas­sic pieces so they don’t get lost/ stolen dur­ing your trav­els and take up too much space, too many clothes­make sure to pack items that you can wear again, im­prac­ti­cal shoes, ex­pen­sive items and kids :)

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