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There are many ways to en­joy one of those clas­sic sum­mer nights with your girl­friends. We hung out on a rooftop to take a sun­set pi­lates ses­sion and then en­joyed White Claw Hard Seltzer Wa­ter with NFL/FOX Sports side­line re­porter and Co-Host of ABC's Danc­ing with the Stars host, Erin An­drews. We chat­ted with her on how she broke into the in­dus­try, her fa­vorite teams, how she stays fit and her part­ner­ship with White Claw.

ATH­LEISURE MAG: Tell us a lit­tle about your back­ground in terms of how you got into sports as well as be­ing a host on Danc­ing with the Stars?

ERIN AN­DREWS: I be­came a sports­caster and went to school for it. I'm a huge sports fan and have been so my en­tire life. I'm a Daddy's Girl so yeah - it just all hap­pened from there. I was a con­tes­tant on Danc­ing with the Stars in 2009 and they came knock­ing on my door and said, "would you like to host the show" and I did!

AM: How is it dif­fer­ent in pre­par­ing on the side­lines for a game, ver­sus when you're host­ing for Danc­ing with the Stars?

EA: For me, it's pretty much the same thing. Be­cause for me, I pre­pare for sports a lot but then a lot of it - you can't pre­pare for dur­ing the ac­tual game. It's un­ex­pected, some­thing al­ways hap­pens you can't pre­dict the out­come of the game. So you don't know what's go­ing to hap­pen, so you have to kind of just go with it and re­act as it is hap­pen­ing. The same can be said for Danc­ing with the Stars - you don't know how some­one is go­ing to per­form, what they're go­ing to do - whether they have a wardrobe mal­func­tion. You just kind of have to roll with the punches.

AM: Who are your fa­vorite teams?

EA: I was raised by a Green Bay Packer fan, a Red Sox fan, as well as a Celtics fan. Ba­si­cally who­ever my dad liked. He was raised in New Eng­land and he said that when he was grow­ing up, The Pa­tri­ots weren't that great of a team and they weren't re­ally on tele­vi­sion, but Green Bay Pack­ers were, so he be­came a fan of theirs.

AM: What's your per­sonal style when you're go­ing out for brunch ver­sus when you're go­ing out with your girl­friend's for a night out?

EA: My per­sonal style with brunch and go­ing out is the same. It's a t-shirt and jeans. I'm very much a tom­boy and not glam like this. I can't wait to get out of this and into a t-shirt and jeans actually! So yeah, I'm very tomboy­ish ba­si­cally, all my t-shirts are white, grey and black. I like to rock Vans and Stan Smiths.

AM: So you're get­ting mar­ried - what are 3 key ex­er­cises that you do to look amaz­ing for a wed­ding or are just per­fect as we con­tinue through our sum­mer body sea­son?

EA: I'm big into squats and I love any­thing that has to do with my arms. I like weighted ex­er­cise for them and I am RE­ALLY into planks - any­thing like that!

AM: We've been a fan of the hard seltzer cat­e­gory for a few years. Why do you like hard seltzer and why did you part­ner with White Claw Hard Seltzer?

EA: I love be­ing ac­tive. The feel­ing that I get from work­ing out and be­ing strong is some­thing I am proud of. And, it’s im­por­tant to me not to undo all my hard work when I want to have a drink.

I love White Claw Hard Seltzer be­cause it not only tastes great, but al­lows me to make bet­ter choices while still en­joy­ing life and so­cial­iz­ing with friends.

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