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You get caught up in a num­ber of projects and then you re­al­ize that it's time to eat - do you get some­thing from one of your fa­vorite places or do you dare en­ter your lo­cal gro­cery store? Many find this place to be a bit in­tim­i­dat­ing - how does one tackle the aisles, get­ting enough in­gre­di­ents to make a meal, keep­ing it healthy and make it out alive?

Maria Mar­lowe, Food Evan­ge­list, cre­ated The Real Food Gro­cery Guide which breaks down the mys­ter­ies of the aisle and whether you're a de­vout well­ness fol­lower, clean eater or are on the path to do­ing so - she breaks it down so that you can tackle the health­i­est finds while see­ing what your op­tions are when you're think­ing about or­ganic verus con­ven­tional foods, how to pur­chase and store them, and be­yond.

This easy to read guide will bust your food myths and let you know more about where your food comes from and al­low you to tackle the aisle like a pro. From grab­bing ran­dom items to be­ing fully nav­i­ga­tional - this book will change how you go about feed­ing your­self and those that are with you. In pur­chas­ing this book, you'll also be able to un­lock ad­di­tion books that give you the se­cret and power be­hind foods that you may not have known.

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