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Grow­ing up, we re­mem­ber watch­ing Denise Austin as her fit­ness DVDs en­sured that we tar­geted ar­eas of our body that we wanted to op­ti­mize. Her videos in­cluded pos­i­tiv­ity, fun out­fits, beach lo­cales when she was out­side of her stu­dio and Katie Austin ap­peared on set from time to time as a child.

Clearly, Katie is all grown up and is con­tin­u­ing in her mom's foot­steps. We caught up with Katie to find out what brought her to the fit­ness in­dus­try, what we can ex­pect from her fit­ness meth­ods and more.

ATHLEISURE MAG: We know your mom (clearly) as we grew up watch­ing our mom's work out to Denise Austin, when did you have that mo­ment that you knew you wanted to delve into the fit­ness in­dus­try?

KATIE AUSTIN: It was never a mo­men­tit was more like steps I took in life to re­al­ize! Ever since I was lit­tle, I grew up watch­ing my mom film her shows and got to travel with her to all these dif­fer­ent cool lo­ca­tions. My mom al­ways tells me that even when I was 3 years old I’d sit and watch her film as my sis­ter would be play­ing in the pool or catch­ing lizards. She said she knew then that I’d be into it! BUT it wasn’t un­til col­lege that I thought of the fit­ness in­dus­try as a ca­reer. Af­ter I moved on from play­ing D1 lacrosse at USC, I de­cided do weekly fit­ness seg­ments on the col­lege sta­tion. Af­ter a great re­ac­tion from my stu­dent seg­ments for a year, I de­cided to start a blog. And it started from there.

AM: Hav­ing a fit­ness icon such as your mom, what did you learn from her that you have ap­plied to your unique mark in the in­dus­try?

KA: I feel like there are three big things I have learned from her.

1. Al­ways be pos­i­tive- no mat­ter what. Peo­ple look up to you for that light. 2. Make your work­outs prac­ti­cal for your tar­get de­mo­graphic. She knows ex­actly what the reg­u­lar girl wants and can do for their daily life­style.

3. Sounds cliché, but al­ways stay true to your­self! Be au­then­tic, and just be you. Be­cause peo­ple will love the real YOU.

AM: Tell us about Get Fit With Katie. com and what one can ex­pect from this mem­ber­ship work­out site.

KA: So my site is still kind of new!! I just launched my mem­ber­ship pro­gram about 2 and a half months ago. It’s re­ally ex­cit­ing for me be­cause it’s a sub­scrip­tion plan for all my fol­low­ers. Mean­ing it’s a big li­brary of all my work­out videos, 50+, and count­ing be­cause I al­ways add new ones! So you can ei­ther pick and choose what work­out you’re feel­ing up to that day­whether that’s abs, booty, car­dio, etc. OR fol­low my ex­act work­outs I give you in my Daily Work­out Cal­en­dar- like a guide within the sub­scrip­tion!

AM: What is your goal with Get Fit With and where do you see it in 5 years?

KA: My dream for for­ever has been to have a TV show. I stud­ied TV pro­duc­tion at USC and just fell in love with it. I ac­tu­ally am a sports host for Fox on the side as well, so com­bin­ing my love for host­ing and TV with fit­ness is the goal. So to have a fit­ness/well­ness TV show like my mom did would be my 5 year plan!

AM: Ev­ery­one is fo­cused on how they can have en­ergy packed meals that they can take with them for lunch, what are 5 dishes for the work week that are easy to make that can be en­joyed on the run?

KA: Well I’m all about keep­ing meals SIM­PLE. In my food guide, my recipes are all 7 in­gre­di­ents or less, so it’s nev-

er any­thing too com­pli­cated. Usu­ally I do a grain (brown rice- or quinoa, not tech­ni­cally a grain but I con­sider it one), with a healthy fat (av­o­cado), with a pro­tein (grilled chicken or salmon) and 2 dif­fer­ent kinds of veg­gies (like zuc­chini and car­rots).

AM: What is your per­sonal style when you are work­ing out ver­sus when you're go­ing out to brunch?

KA: When I’m work­ing out I love be­ing col­or­ful, I love wear­ing bright sports bras and leg­gings. I also LOVE high-waisted work­out leg­gings be­cause they hold ev­ery­thing in!! For brunch, I would usu­ally wear a sun­dress with some wedges! I also love wear­ing one piece leo­tards right now. It’s funny be­cause I al­ways wear my mom’s old 80’s work­out leo­tards to go out in, and AL­WAYS get com­pli­ments and ques­tions on where they’re from. I have to use that Mean Girls line... “It’s my mom’s from the 80s.. Vin­tage!”

AM: When you work out, what is on your playlist?

KA: I love the two op­po­site types of mu­sic. Hip hop/rap or coun­try. So usu­ally Drake, Fu­ture, Nicki Mi­naj, OR Lit­tle Big Town, Maren Mor­ris, or Ja­son Aldean!!

AM: What are 3 of your fa­vorite work­outs and what ar­eas are they tar­get­ing?

KA: I love HIIT [High in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing], dance car­dio, and ba­sic ton­ing moves. Dance car­dio is a great way to have fun while burn­ing calo­ries, and my ton­ing moves (like leg lifts, bi­cep curls, etc.) are a great way to sculpt my mus­cles. But, I def­i­nitely see most re­sults with HIIT work­outs. Usu­ally, my HIIT work­outs are a com­bi­na­tion of car­dio and ton­ing, and they’re QUICK! So they’re more in­tense in a shorter amount of time to make them su­per ef­fec­tive.

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