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Shari Lapena shows that life is nor­mal, un­til it isn't. Tom and Karen live up­state with­out chil­dren and are happy with ev­ery­thing around them. But one day, Tom comes home and re­al­izes that not only is his wife miss­ing but she left her keys and purse at home - def­i­nitely not nor­mal. Thank­fully, Karen is in the hos­pi­tal and alive af­ter get­ting into an ac­ci­dent.

Tom and Karen re­turn home to go about liv­ing their lives as nor­mal; how­ever, Karen feels that things are not the same. Al­though she's fine, she can't re­mem­ber the ac­ci­dent or how it hap­pened. She also can't shake the feel­ing that her home is not how she left it.

This feel­ing makes her feel like she is a stranger in her own home and that ev­ery­thing is just a bit off. She feels that she needs to get to the truth as this thriller makes ev­ery­one a bit of a sus­pect and it be­comes essential that she is able to get to the truth ul­ti­mately of what hap­pened and who are what are the peo­ple/ things in her life that she needs to un­der­stand in or­der to un­cover the se­crets of a past that she can't com­pletely re­mem­ber.

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