Get­ting A Good Night’s Rest

Dr. Re­becca Rob­bins shares sleep tips.

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odds are they don’t even re­al­ize how much bet­ter they would feel if they slept for a few more hours.

AM: Are power naps ben­e­fi­cial?

DR. RR: Ab­so­lutely! A ‘power nap’ is a nap of 20 min­utes. This is a great way to re­cover if you have to stay up late or have a hard time sleep­ing. Make sure to get up af­ter 20 min­utes or you may wake up groggy. One ex­cep­tion to this, how­ever, is that power naps or naps of any kind are dis­cour­aged for in­di­vid­u­als suf­fer­ing from in­som­nia.

AM: What hap­pens while we sleep be­yond get­ting a good night's rest?

DR. RR: Dur­ing sleep our brains, body, and skin go into deep re­pair mode. Sleep plays an im­por­tant role in re­mov­ing tox­ins from the brain and body. Sleep is also the time dur­ing the day when our blood pres­sure and body tem­per­a­ture, for in­stance, dip to their low­est points. Al­low­ing our bod­ies to process through this com­plete and to­tal re­pair and is what al­lows us to be op­ti­mally awake. This is ac­tu­ally some­thing Beau­tyrest is fo­cused on with the de­vel­op­ment of its mat­tresses. The brand be­lieves that a great night’s rest can help you reach your full po­ten­tial the next day which is why they are ded­i­cated to us­ing the lat­est in sleep tech­nol­ogy and in­no­va­tion.

AM: With Awards Sea­son, how can we get great sleep and is there such a thing as a sleep­ing plan to en­sure you are at your best?

DR. RR: A healthy sleep rou­tine is a great idea all year long, but es­pe­cially when you have an event and want to be fully awake and at your best. Un­for­tu­nately, we of­ten make ex­er­cise and nu­tri­tion a pri­or­ity dur­ing these pe­ri­ods but ig­nore sleep. You can cer­tainly cre­ate a sleep­ing plan sim­i­lar to a pre-event work­out or nu­tri­tion plan to help you stay on-track. The best prac­tices for main­tain­ing any healthy

habit, such as keep­ing a jour­nal or sched­ule, ap­ply here as well.

AM: What are 3 things that we can do to be mind­ful of get­ting good sleep?

DR. RR: Track­ing sleep is in­creas­ingly com­mon among the pop­u­la­tion! Ac­cord­ing to our re­search, as many as 80% of peo­ple use a mo­bile or wear­able de­vice to track their sleep. A new, low pro­file way to track your sleep (which is a great way to in­crease your mind­ful­ness) is with the Beau­tyrest Sleep­tracker mon­i­tor, which lies seam­lessly un­der your pil­low, al­low­ing you to wake up to a breadth of data and in­sights about your sleep!

An­other way to be more mind­ful about sleep is to set a gen­tle alarm at night for your bed­time rou­tine. Op­ti­mally, we all take time to un­wind and un­plug with a rou­tine that is re­lax­ing. Set a gen­tle alarm to go off about 30 min­utes be­fore you want to be slip­ping into bed as a peace­ful cue to you that it is time to start to un­plug from elec­tron­ics, take a bath or do some read­ing.

Fi­nally, en­hanced mind­ful­ness about sleep can be achieved with sim­ple jour­nal­ing about your alert­ness level the next day in a note­book or word doc­u­ment.

AM: What yoga moves are con­ducive to sleep?

DR. RR: Ex­er­cise that is high in­ten­sity is un­de­sir­able be­fore bed, but restora­tive yoga or a gen­tle flow from up dog to down dog are op­ti­mal for re­lax­ing and soft­en­ing any tense mus­cles be­fore bed.

AM: Is there such a thing that peo­ple can work on projects in their sleep and if so, is it healthy?

DR. RR: Sleep is a time when we ac­tu­ally re­hearse events and things we learned from the day be­fore, mak­ing sleep an es­sen­tial com­po­nent of abil­ity to re­mem­ber and re­call. Thus, healthy sleep is a crit­i­cal part of mem­ory and cog­ni­tion.

AM: How im­por­tant is it to dream and to re­mem­ber them?

DR. RR: Dream­ing largely takes place dur­ing Rapid Eye Move­ment sleep. It is nei­ther im­por­tant or unim­por­tant to re­mem­ber dreams, but we do find that if you start to talk about dreams with a spouse or friend, or jour­nal about them, your abil­ity to re­call dreams is en­hanced.

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