No re­ports of chil­dren in­gest­ing any glass



School nurses and the district’s health ser­vices staff went into class­rooms and asked stu­dents who had eaten the beans to tell them so they could mon­i­tor them for symp­toms, but Tracy Lunoff, district su­per­vi­sor for com­pre­hen­sive health ser­vices, said it ap­pears no child con­sumed the shards.

“To date, there has not been any report of any child be­ing in­jured as a re­sult of the in­ci­dent,” Lunoff said. “The district acted im­me­di­ately in re­sponse, ef­fec­tively, and took ap­pro­pri­ate ac­tion right away.” Par­ents of stu­dents who may have been af­fected were called, and the school sent an ex­plana­tory let­ter home the next day with stu­dents.

“With the amount of time that has passed, it’d be un­likely for a child to present with prob­lems,” said Dr. Stephen Pont, a physi­cian at Dell Chil­dren’s Med­i­cal Cen­ter and med­i­cal di­rec­tor of the school district’s stu­dent health ser­vices pro­gram.

Although sharp ob­jects, such as glass, can cause cuts in the mouth, the esoph­a­gus, stom­ach or in­testines, he said, “they gen­er­ally pass through with­out much prob­lem.”

On the same day the glass shards were found at Al­li­son, a food server at Ko­curek Ele­men­tary wit­nessed a glass piece fall out of a panel at her school. The glass pan­els are part of new serv­ing coun­ters that were in­stalled at 18 schools this sum­mer to re­place old serv­ing units.

Of­fi­cials with the district and the man­u­fac­turer, Hous­ton-based Mo­duserve, ex­am­ined the units and found that the pieces came from around the joint where the metal bracket holds in the sneeze guard, Lunoff said.

New lunch serv­ing lines were in­stalled dur­ing the sum­mer to re­place aged units, in­clud­ing the ones at Al­li­son and Ko­curek.

“Once we de­ter­mined the cause, we made the de­ci­sion to re­move all of them to re­duce the chance of it oc­cur­ring in any of the other 18 18 schools had glass pan­els, some of which were al­legedly de­fec­tive, in­stalled this sum­mer: Al­li­son Ele­men­tary* Daw­son Ele­men­tary Do­bie Pre-K- 8th grades school Doss Ele­men­tary Jor­dan Ele­men­tary Kiker Ele­men­tary Ko­curek Ele­men­tary* Lang­ford Ele­men­tary odom Ele­men­tary Pleas­ant Hill Ele­men­tary Reilly Ele­men­tary Ridgetop Ele­men­tary sanchez Ele­men­tary sun­set Val­ley Ele­men­tary

Wal­nut Creek Ele­men­tary Webb Mid­dle school Widen Ele­men­tary Wil­liams Ele­men­tary * schools where glass shards broke off source: Austin In­de­pen­dent school District

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