Hol­i­day clas­sic still hi­lar­i­ous

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dog-kiss­ing, brain­less, (ex­ple­tive)less, hope­less, heart­less, fat-(ex­ple­tive), bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm­headed sack of mon­key (ex­ple­tive)” self to the big box store bargain bin.

The san­i­tized ABC Fam­ily ver­sion’s just not as much fun.

What Christ­mas carol are Clark and Ellen singing at the be­gin­ning of the film as they head to the woods to cut down a tree?

Which sports team’s cap does Clark wear at var­i­ous points through­out the film?

What in­te­gral item does Clark for­get to bring on the tree-hunt­ing ex­pe­di­tion, af­ter trudg­ing out into the mid­dle of nowhere?

What does Clark plan to do with his Christ­mas bonus?

What prod­uct that Clark is work­ing on earns him praise from his boss, Frank Shirley, even though Shirley can’t re­mem­ber Clark’s name?

What clas­sic hol­i­day movie is Clark’s son, Rusty, watch­ing on tele­vi­sion as the ar­gu­ing in-laws ar­rive?

Which fu­ture sit­com star plays Rusty in this Va­ca­tion film?

Name one of the other three ac­tors who have por­trayed Rusty in the Va­ca­tion se­ries.

What causes an ici­cle to rocket through hip­ster neigh­bors Todd and Mar­got’s win­dow?

Which na­tional cloth­ing chain is cur­rently par­o­dy­ing the film in its tele­vi­sion com­mer­cials, us­ing some orig­i­nal cast mem­bers?

How many“im­ported, Ital­ian twin­kle lights”does Clark claim he sta­pled to the house?

To whom or what does Clark ded­i­cate the house be­fore at­tempt­ing to plug in the lights?

In one of the film’s more sen­ti­men­tal scenes, Clark gets locked in the at­tic while the rest of the fam­ily goes shop­ping. Why does he go up there in the first place?

What does Clark do to amuse him­self while he’s stuck in the at­tic?

What does Clark re­ceive in­stead of money for a Christ­mas bonus?

What is Cousin Ed­die’s (Randy Quaid) ini­tial com­ment on the bonus re­place­ment?

From what kind of mugs do Clark and Ed­die sip eggnog, hail­ing back to a pre­vi­ous en­try in the Va­ca­tion fran­chise?

Clark coats the bot­tom of his sled with a su­per-slick, ex­per­i­men­tal sub­stance on which his com­pany is work­ing, caus­ing him to blast off down a hill, crash through var­i­ous struc­tures and slide across a busy street. Where does he find him­self when the sled fi­nally stops?

What’s wrapped in­side the first present that se­nile Aunt Bethany brings?

What does Bethany re­cite when the oth­ers ask her to say grace at the din­ner ta­ble?

Clark tries to be jolly de­spite the many tri­als of the hol­i­days.

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Ellen and Clark (Bev­erly D’An­gelo and Chevy Chase) take in the lights.

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