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night un­der a roof, it’ll look good for about twice as long.

Tom: From what we see in real life, that’s about right. Cars we work on that are garaged look a lot bet­ter than non­garaged cars their age.

Ray: I have no idea what your boyfriend is talk­ing about re­gard­ing en­gine cool­ing. Maybe he thinks the en­gine won’t cool down as fast if it’s closed in a garage? Or that the heat of the en­gine will warm up the garage and shorten its life?

Tom: The length of time it takes the en­gine to cool down makes no dif­fer­ence to any­thing. So, as far as we know, there’s ab­so­lutely no down­side to keep­ing your car in an un­heated garage.

Ray: A heated garage is even bet­ter, even though it does cre­ate one down­side for the car. If you live in the part of the coun­try where it snows and they use salt on the roads, by stor­ing it in a warm garage ev­ery night, you may slightly speed up the rust­ing process.

Tom: On the other hand, if it’s snowy and icy and mis­er­able, who cares? That’s when you really want to have a heated garage! You want that stuff to melt off overnight so you don’t have to kick it out of your wheel wells.

Ray: Plus, there are some very real mechan- ical ad­van­tages to park­ing your car in a heated garage overnight. Most notably, be­cause the oil re­mains warmer and less vis­cous, it does a much bet­ter job of lu­bri­cat­ing your en­gine from the moment you start the car. You pre­vent a lot of long-term dam­age to the en­gine that way.

Tom: And be­cause the coolant also is kept warmer, the heat comes faster and your butt doesn’t freeze to the seats.

Ray: Plus, you don’t have to clean snow or ice off the car, so your vis­i­bil­ity will be ex­cel­lent.

Tom: So, by all means, use your garage, Eve­lyn. And if you’ve got a heated garage, use that, too, with the caveat that it’s a good idea to get your car washed and get rid of the salt af­ter a week in which the roads have been salted.

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