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guns, the over­whelm­ing por­tion of folks who watch vi­o­lent films and play vi­o­lent games never do any­thing il­le­gal. Still, I agree with this tweet from Tom Brokaw: “It is not enough to talk about ac­cess to guns. We also have to ad­dress a pop­u­lar cul­ture that treats graphic vi­o­lence as rou­tine.”

Reader Doug Hec­tor said it’s time to “treat gain­ing en­try to schools ex­actly like be­ing al­lowed to en­ter a court­house or air­plane.” Per­haps. I find my­self re­act­ing neg­a­tively to talk about an “armed guard” at ev­ery school. Yet I’m OK with it if you call it an armed po­lice of­fi­cer at ev­ery school. I can see pos­i­tives coming from kids get­ting to know a cop.

Sev­eral read­ers talked about rights and self­de­fense.

“Mean­ing­ful ac­tion would be the elim­i­na­tion of re­stric­tions of law-abid­ing gun own­ers to keep and bear arms,” David Haun wrote. From Brian Lieb­man: “My hy­poth­e­sis is that gun­free zones kill peo­ple be­cause crim­i­nals and lu­natics know they won’t be chal­lenged dur­ing their crime.”

Some folks scoff at the no­tion of more guns mean­ing more safety. But here’s a sce­nario in which you might want more guns: Two peo­ple. You and a crim­i­nal about to com­mit a vi­o­lent act against you. The crim­i­nal has a gun. You don’t. Think you’d might like to have an­other gun — with the sec­ond one in your hands — in that sit­u­a­tion?

Sev­eral read­ers said it’s wrong to in­ject pol­i­tics into this. They are wrong. Some politi­cians have given pol­i­tics a bad name, but the po­lit­i­cal arena is ex­actly where this stuff should be de­bated and de­cided. Pol­i­tics, as more than one per­son has noted, trumps gun­play as a way to re­solve dif­fer­ences. How ap­pro­pri­ate that seems to­day. Let the pol­i­tics be­gin.

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