Cal­en­dar helps you keep color-coded track of train­ing

Stream­ing Col­ors Fit­ness Jour­nal a great way to stay on task for per­sonal goals.

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Nice bright grid, eh? To you it prob­a­bly looks like a kid took a pack of mark­ers and went to town, col­or­ing in all the lit­tle squares on an or­di­nary cal­en­dar.

To me, it’s one page in my 2012 ex­er­cise log.

I’ve been keep­ing track of all my swim­ming, bik­ing, run­ning, scuba div­ing, water ski­ing, back­pack­ing and snow ski­ing for the past nine years. Want to know what my ex­er­cise rou­tine was on March 11, 2009? I can tell you.

I know, it’s ob­ses­sive. But it works for me.

I got hooked back in 2004, when I first dis­cov­ered the Stream­ing Col­ors Fit­ness Jour­nal. Since then I’ve col­or­coded my work­outs, fill­ing out the squares on the cal­en­dar ac­cord­ing to what I do each day. Red is for run­ning, blue is swim­ming, or­ange is bik­ing, water ski­ing is pink and yel­low is yoga.

Some­thing about col­or­ing in those empty blocks gives me sat­is­fac­tion. I can’t stand to see a blank square, so it ac­tu­ally mo­ti­vates me to lace up my run­ning shoes and start chug­ging down the block.

Sim­ple, yes, but it works for me.

The jour­nals are avail­able at www.col­or­code­

The com­pany also sells brightly col­ored high­lighters that work well with the cal­en­dars, but I get an or­di­nary pack of mark­ers at the gro­cery store and save money. I sup­pose you could even trans­form a plain cal­en­dar into your own per­sonal coded sys­tem, but Stream­ing Col­ors Fit­ness Jour­nal comes with fit­ness tips, space to write your fit­ness goals and more. Plus, each day is di­vided into blocks, so you can eas­ily record more than one ac­tiv­ity. Want to log how many glasses of water you drink or how many times you took your dog for a walk? You can set it up to track what­ever you want.

Pam LeBlanc’s Stream­ing Color Fit­ness Jour­nal.

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