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re­cently, there was no prac­ti­cal way to iden­tify dead re­gions of hear­ing cells in the ear. How­ever, a new Bri­tish-de­vel­oped pro­ce­dure us­ing stan­dard test equip­ment now al­lows for iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of dead hear­ing cell re­gions. The study sug­gests that the pres­ence or ab­sence of dead re­gions may have se­ri­ous im­pli­ca­tions in the fit­ting of hear­ing aids.

This re­search re­veals that am­pli­fy­ing dead cells is a mis­take which will re­sult in poorer speech un­der­stand­ing in noise. A new type of dig­i­tally pro­gram­mable mi­cro­cir­cuit is now be­ing re­leased from Audi­bel – one of the world lead­ers in nanoScience tech­nol­ogy – that can be pro­grammed to by­pass the dead cells. As a re­sult, the pa­tient’s us­able hear­ing cells re­ceive am­pli­fi­ca­tion, thereby im­prov­ing speech un­der­stand­ing in noise.

“We are em­ploy­ing a like method in our di­ag­nos­tic sound booths us­ing a sound field speech in noise pro­ce­dure”, said Randy Schoen­born of NewSound Hear­ing Aid Cen­ters. “This test sim­u­lates hear­ing in a noisy crowd. We are able to de­ter­mine max­i­mum speech un­der­stand­ing by fre­quency shap­ing this new hear­ing aid.” The re­sults have been phe­nom­e­nal. For the first time, a pa­tient is able to ac­tu­ally re­al­ize the ex­act per­cent­age of speech un­der­stand­ing im­prove­ment in noisy lis­ten­ing en­vi­ron­ments.

Th­ese new prod­ucts come in all shell sizes, in­clud­ing the small­est dig­i­tal mod­els, with low in­tro­duc­tory prices avail­able. Dur­ing its re­lease, NewSound Hear­ing Aid Cen­ters is of­fer­ing this new fre­quency-shap­ing hear­ing in­stru­ment on a 30-day sat­is­fac­tion trial. “Your sat­is­fac­tion is ab­so­lutely guar­an­teed,” Schoen­born said.

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