Aw, shucks — a soup for end-of-sea­son corn

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Hot-weather pro­duce is wan­ing, and I’m sa­vor­ing corn on the cob like it’s go­ing out of sea­son. Be­cause it is. My fam­ily, how­ever, isn’t sen­ti­men­tal about veg­eta­bles. They fail to see the every­day mir­a­cle of the first bite of corn — the one that tells you that the ear is sweet, the tex­ture is crunchy-juicy, and you get to spend an­other meal hold­ing sum­mer in your hands. So in­stead of serv­ing corn cob­style for the gag­illionth sup­per in a row, I’ve made a roasted corn soup that’s packed with sum­mer fla­vor and fore­shad­ows cooler temps to come.

First, de­cide how you want to roast the corn. If your grill is al­ready hot, toss wa­ter-soaked ears, husks and all, on a medium fire for 20-ish min­utes, turning fre­quently. If you’ve just washed your hair and don’t want it to smell smoky, you can get the same ef­fect by roast­ing corn ker­nels in the oven. Re­move the ker­nels by hold­ing a shucked ear on its end, and use a sharp knife to slice down the sides. I like to rest the corn in the cen­ter of a Bundt cake pan, whose high edges cor­ral rogue bounc­ing ker­nels. Then cook the ker­nels in a sin­gle layer on a bak­ing sheet for all of the roasted fla­vor and none of the ex­tra sham­poo­ing. Which­ever method you use, be sure to re­serve the cobs af­ter you’ve re­lieved them of their ker­nels. You’re go­ing to boil those cobs in the veg­etable broth to in­fuse it with deep corn yum­mi­ness.

The broth is the foun­da­tion of this dish, so use one of high qual­ity. I al­ways sug­gest mak­ing your own, par­tic­u­larly if you are watch­ing your sodium in­take. Deepen the veg­etable fla­vors by adding sauteed onions, car­rots and red bell pep­pers. Back in my pre­mid­dle-aged-me­tab­o­lism days, I would have sauteed my veg­gies in sev­eral glugs of oil. Now that I’m a calo­rie-counter, I ex­per­i­mented with how little hearthealthy olive oil is re­ally nec­es­sary (which is, quite pos­si­bly, the sad­dest game ever). Saute­ing veg­gies in only 2 tea­spoons of oil is pos­si­ble, but you need to be vig­i­lant with stir­ring. If any


Boil­ing the cobs in the broth adds to the soup’s corn fla­vor.

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