Dun­dalk’s in­ex­pli­ca­ble love af­fair

Baltimore Sun - - MARYLAND VOICES - Jon McGill, Bal­ti­more

The front-page news piece on Eastern Bal­ti­more County and its seem­ing at­trac­tion to Don­ald Trump was dis­con­cert­ing (“Trump finds sup­port in for­mer Demo­cratic strong­hold in Mary­land,” Aug. 21).

While I know full well that not all Trump vot­ers are racists or xeno­pho­bic in the way that his cam­paign has been, it re­mains that in or­der to vote for Mr. Trump, cit­i­zens have to be­lieve at least two things that, on the face of it, make no sense: first, that this al­leged bil­lion­aire who wouldn’t rec­og­nize a Dun­dalk res­i­dent or voter if he fell over one is the likely pro­moter of a resur­gent work­ing class, one with the abil­ity to bring back industries and jobs that, by his own ad­mis­sion, he never sup­ported in the past and for which he has no clear pol­icy pro­pos­als. And sec­ond, vot­ers who sup­port Mr. Trump and sug­gest that they don’t want a “third Barack Obama term” seem un­aware that Pres­i­dent Obama, so widely re­spected abroad even if not in his home­land, pro­vided our na­tion with an in­tel­li­gent, dig­ni­fied, hard-work­ing pres­i­dent who is not only a role model for the young but also acted to drag us out of a Repub­li­can-in­duced re­ces­sion while en­cour­ag­ing the cre­ation of mil­lions of jobs.

What will we get with a Pres­i­dent Trump? Dig­nity? In­tel­lect? Fair­ness? Poli­cies that pro­mote work­ing peo­ple’s best in­ter­ests? Look at his his­tory and his record: bank­ruptcy, big­otry, misog­yny, di­vi­sive­ness, self-ag­gran­dize­ment, racism and a host of other neg­a­tive char­ac­ter­is­tics that even the sen­si­ble in his own party find re­pul­sive. So, yes, vote for Don­ald Trump — ig­nore the warn­ing signs, ig­nore his­tory and ig­nore your own self-in­ter­est. If by some mys­ti­fy­ing chance you do elect him to the White House, keep in mind that the rest of us won’t be able to fix it when you have buyer’s re­morse!

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