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A ca­sual ac­quain­tance can grow into a friend­ship. This may be a good time to min­gle in group set­tings, but it isn’t a good time to ini­ti­ate a new re­la­tion­ship or busi­ness project. You might not hear what you want to hear.

Thoughts are things. The thoughts you send out, neg­a­tive or pos­i­tive, echo and re­turn to you. This week’s new moon might re­mind you to trust oth­ers and re­main pos­i­tive even in neg­a­tive si­t­u­a­tions.

You may be­come more aware of obli­ga­tions that hold you back. Fam­ily needs might put a cramp in your style for a few days. Avoid start­ing any­thing new or los­ing your tem­per, as a dis­pute be­gun now might be tire­some.

Plan your work­day and work your plan. When you are im­mersed in a busy sched­ule there is lit­tle room for er­ror. The good news is that a part­ner or close com­pan­ion might be help­ful and take some tasks off your hands.

Share the wealth. The cen­ter of ac­tiv­ity shifts to your fi­nances for a few weeks as to­day’s new moon launches a new cy­cle. The more you have, the more you will be ex­pected to give and share with oth­ers.

The new moon in your sign may mark the be­gin­ning of a new cy­cle. You may be more con­cerned with your own feel­ings than with oth­ers’. There may be a tem­po­rary mis­un­der­stand­ing due to a lack of com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

Don’t hold a grudge if a grouchy per­son lashes out at you. A lack of fi­nesse might cause un­pleas­ant words or hos­til­ity. Trust your in­stincts with busi­ness mat­ters and com­mer­cial en­ter­prises but do not be­gin any­thing new. Take care if the cup­board is bare. To­day’s new­moon­might­mark­the start of a few weeks in which you must be thrifty and econ­o­mize. Pay bills on time and an­a­lyze obli­ga­tions that drain and strain the bud­get.

No one ever wins a shadow-box­ing match. Try to be some­one’s best friend in­stead of let­ting a tense sit­u­a­tion snow­ball into a bat­tle of wills. It is wise to put plans and new projects on hold for a few days.

The kids say that sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you. Mi­nor ar­gu­ments will blow over quickly if you don’t let them es­ca­late. Things will be back to busi­ness as usual by next week.

Put your credit card back in your pocket. The less you spend, the hap­pier you will be. Some time spent alone, or tak­ing a walk around the block, might give you and ev­ery­one else some much needed breath­ing space.

You only get what you give. A new moon in your op­po­site sign throws the fo­cus of at­ten­tion on re­la­tion­ships and avoid­ing mis­con­cep­tions about other peo­ple. If you are warm and sin­cere oth­ers will re­spond in kind. Make friends and widen your net­work through group ac­tiv­i­ties in the com­ing four to five weeks. Work dili­gently to achieve your dreams in the year to come. In Oc­to­ber, as well as De­cem­ber, you might see­saw be­tween be­ing coolly pro­fes­sional and overly sen­si­tive and touchy. Some­how you will put busi­ness and spir­i­tual needs into their proper per­spec­tives, but it isn’t a good time to launch ma­jor ini­tia­tives, since a lack of con­fi­dence could un­der­mine your ef­forts. Get a checkup and a sec­ond opin­ion if any health con­cerns arise. In mid-De­cem­ber you may re­ceive a valu­able op­por­tu­nity or could re­ceive praise for your fore­sight and lead­er­ship abil­i­ties.

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