Sorry about the beer, Bal­ti­more

The Toronto Star dis­avows the be­hav­ior by some fans dur­ing the O’s-Jays game

Baltimore Sun - - FROM PAGE ONE - Ed­i­tor’s note: This ed­i­to­rial is reprinted with per­mis­sion of the Toronto Star, which pub­lished it in its Oct. 6 edi­tion. Sub­se­quently, Toronto po­lice re­leased a photo of a sus­pect they be­lieve threw a beer at Ori­oles out­fielder Hyun Soo Kim dur­ing Tuesda

Dear Bal­ti­more, We’re sorry. Really, we are. We know we messed up. The Blue Jays fan who threw a full beer can at Ori­oles left-fielder Hyun Soo Kim as he tried to make a catch dur­ing Tues­day night’s wild-card game doesn’t rep­re­sent us. To be ab­so­lutely clear: we’re ashamed of what he did. We hear Ori­oles cen­tre-fielder Adam Jones when he says, “You don’t do that. I don’t care how pas­sion­ate you are.” We don’t dis­agree that “that was about as pa­thetic as it gets.”

Jones says that as he screamed into the stands, fu­ri­ous that a fool among our fans had put his team­mate in dan­ger, he was met with racist slurs from the crowd. That, too, is deeply alarm­ing. Our city is among the most di­verse in the world, some­thing that’s a source of great pride. We’re ashamed of these Toron­to­ni­ans, if that’s what they are, who un­der­stand so lit­tle about the strength of the city to which they claim al­le­giance.

We’re aware of the talk that this was part of a larger pat­tern of bad be­hav­iour at the Rogers Cen­tre. We’re as be­wil­dered as you are about why this is hap­pen­ing, in Canada of all places. We need to do some self-re­flect­ing.

To be per­fectly hon­est, we’re happy to have van­quished your Ori­oles, to never again have to face your un­re­lent­ing lineup of power hit­ters or that be­he­moth of a closer you claim to be hu­man. We won’t apol­o­gize for our su­pe­rior base­ball prow­ess.

Nor do we hold with those who say Jose Bautista’s bat flip or Ed­win En­car­na­cion’s choice to lov­ingly ad­mire his de­ci­sive bomb as it arced its way onto the up­per deck on Tues­day night are symp­to­matic of the same dis­re­spect to­ward op­po­nents and Some­one threw a beer at Ori­oles out­fielder Hyun Soo Kim dur­ing Tues­day’s play­off game in Toronto. the game more gen­er­ally. Base­ball has changed. It’s more fun now. In the scheme of sports cel­e­bra­tions, these are still rather mild. To these crit­ics, we say: get over it.

But throw­ing a beer can at an un­sus­pect­ing player from a great height in a mis­guided at­tempt to win what is af­ter all just a game? That’s child­ish, but worse it’s dan­ger­ous and it’s to­tally un­ac­cept­able. And racism? That just isn’t us.

Per­haps it will come as some con­so­la­tion that po­lice are look­ing for the base­ball hooli­gan. Still, we know this isn’t the first time we’ve failed in this way, and we agree it really ought to be the last. We need to do bet­ter. Re­gret­fully, Toronto


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