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Start some­thing that needs star power. You will stand out in any crowd and can eas­ily make new friends and ac­quain­tances. You can eas­ily at­tract at­ten­tion and pub­lic­ity, so be sure you are on your best be­hav­ior.

Get what you can when you can. There may be an op­por­tu­nity to ob­tain ad­vice from an ally or sup­porter at work. Lis­ten to a friend’s ideas, as he or she may have a fin­ger on the pulse of a money-mak­ing propo­si­tion.

Dare to use flair. Con­cen­trate on round­ing out your work by em­ploy­ing your cre­ative in­stincts. Rely on your own judg­ment and keep your own coun­sel, as oth­ers may ex­press opin­ions that you find chal­leng­ing.

Save the best for last. Some­one may prod you to make a snap de­ci­sion. You are wise enough to know that the in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion of your de­sires isn’t al­ways the way to cre­ate har­mony with oth­ers.

A friend in need is a friend in­deed. Some­one that you can truly trust and rely upon will come through with­out the need to even ask. Don’t for­get to re­pay the fa­vor. Share your most pri­vate thoughts with a lov­able some­one.

You might pre­fer some pri­vacy to work on a project or med­i­tate. It might be more at­trac­tive to con­tem­plate than it is in re­al­ity. You may want some­thing des­per­ately, but you are bet­ter off wait­ing.

Chat­ter­boxes can de­velop feet that step on sen­si­tive toes. Although you mean well, you could start a dis­agree­ment by ac­ci­dent. Con­cen­trate on your job, your work and ful­fill­ing your com­mit­ments and prom­ises. While oth­ers flit from flower to flower like busy so­cial bees, you may pre­fer to stick to one sub­ject. You will be more suc­cess­ful and con­tented if you fo­cus on cre­ative projects where you can work on your own.

Set off on a quest to ob­tain the best. Set high stan­dards, but not so high that oth­ers can’t keep up. Re­mem­ber, moun­tain climbers only make it to the top of the high­est peaks with help from oth­ers.

It is much too easy to be brash and rash and talk trash. Bite your tongue to avoid any ar­gu­ments and avoid chal­leng­ing other peo­ple’s opin­ions. You will find the most sup­port and kind­ness from a neigh­bor or sib­ling.

Good for­tune and lucky breaks seem to fall into your lap. Keep your at­ten­tion fo­cused on the home front, how­ever, as there is likely to be a fi­nan­cial mat­ter that will re­quire your care­ful at­ten­tion and con­sid­er­a­tion.

What­ever your heart’s de­sire, you can have it. Make a wish list of your fa­vorite things and a spe­cial some­one will go out of their way to pro­vide it for you. Com­mit­ment is the key to mak­ing your ef­forts worth­while. You might find that you are eas­ily fas­ci­nated by the very new and very old dur­ing the next two to three weeks. A new hobby or group of friends could be­come a pri­or­ity. Novem­ber and De­cem­ber could bring some sur­prises and ma­jor changes, but also some bless­ings in dis­guise. You may be able to turn an un­ex­pected shift in a re­la­tion­ship into some­thing ben­e­fi­cial for ev­ery­one in­volved. Use your good judg­ment to deal with some­one or some­thing that chal­lenges your au­thor­ity. You might need to work more hours or ac­cept ex­tra obli­ga­tions in Fe­bru­ary, but do so with a glad heart be­cause you may gather valu­able and use­ful ex­pe­ri­ence.

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