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March on past a mi­rage. The ideas that prod you into ac­tion might only be an il­lu­sion and the dreams you hope to achieve might not be en­tirely re­al­is­tic. Put your busi­ness as­pi­ra­tions on the back burner for a few days.

Your gulli­bil­ity is at a high point. It could be that you are only at­tracted to some­thing or some­one be­cause they ex­ude mys­tery. Keep a new re­la­tion­ship su­per­fi­cial and avoid the murky depths.

Don’t sell your­self short. You can con­vince any­one of al­most any­thing today. Yet you may con­vince your­self that a fan­tasy is real as well. You may get caught up chas­ing after the pot of gold at the end of a rain­bow.

Be­ing a show-off won’t en­dear you to a loved one or fam­ily mem­ber. A few sur­prises could im­pede the even tenor of your re­la­tion­ships. Don’t yield to peer pres­sure or make un­nec­es­sary changes to fi­nan­cial as­sets.

You may pre­fer to hang out with groups, as you believe there is safety in num­bers. Your friend­li­ness and al­tru­is­tic ideas can charm oth­ers. At the same time, your fo­cus on so­cial af­fairs may in­ter­fere with some­thing im­por­tant.

Stick to a long-term plan al­ready in place and have faith in your co-work­ers and part­ners. Don’t make dras­tic busi­ness changes or de­ci­sions. You can talk some­one into some­thing but can’t out­think peo­ple in busi­ness.

A fool and his money are soon parted. Nonessen­tial items may cost more than you ex­pected to spend. Re­main a bit cyn­i­cal about prom­ises and invitations, as you could be sur­prised by an un­ex­pected change of plans. Treat your money and pos­ses­sions with re­spect. Money can be used as a tool or a weapon and it is up to you to de­velop a strat­egy that makes this work. Steer clear of a sus­pi­cious in­vest­ment.

Only time will tell. A fam­ily drama might be on your mind, but it will be solved sat­is­fac­to­rily if you have faith in the par­tic­i­pants. Work hard to com­plete a prof­itable deal that is on the table.

You will feel most se­cure if you con­form. You might ex­pe­ri­ence a brief spurt of re­bel­lion or be chal­lenged to abide by a lack of com­mon sense dis­played by an au­thor­ity fig­ure.

You may find that busi­ness net­works and group ac­tiv­i­ties take up too much of your time and ef­fort. Take a short break from rou­tines but don’t ex­pect that a tem­po­rary ex­cep­tion to the rule will be­come a per­ma­nent habit.

If you in­sist on the best, you will get the best. View ev­ery­thing through the lens of solid val­ues and you will see that you can at­tain your goals eas­ily if you take your time. You have an abun­dance of time to draw on. Your am­bi­tions may be ap­par­ent to ev­ery­one as the next two to three weeks un­fold, but your busi­ness judg­ment and abil­ity to ne­go­ti­ate are at a low point. Make no ma­jor fi­nan­cial de­ci­sions and don’t use your credit card un­less you ab­so­lutely must. You are prone to day­dream­ing in Novem­ber, but may ben­e­fit if you write down your most creative ideas for later use. Your fo­cus may shift to group ac­tiv­i­ties, or­ga­ni­za­tions and clubs in Jan­uary. You maybe pres­sured to make in­vest­ments or pur­chases that are not in your best in­ter­est. Wait un­til late Fe­bru­ary or early March, when your street smarts are en­hanced, to make cru­cial busi­ness or fi­nan­cial de­ci­sions. In March and April you will be more ro­man­tic and light-hearted, so you may plan a va­ca­tion or week­end ex­cur­sion.

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