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Quell the urge to do bat­tle, but don’t be a dishrag ei­ther. It is best to give just as “good as you get” and re­main fair. Your in­no­va­tive spirit will be an as­set when you deal with busi­ness and fi­nan­cial mat­ters.

Love, friends and so­cial out­ings could be the fo­cus of your think­ing, but the boss is un­likely to ap­pre­ci­ate pri­vate phone calls or emails on com­pany time. Put your amorous urges on hold un­til later this evening.

You don’t need to be a statue to pose as a great thinker. Con­sider just what it is that you re­ally want from life and from re­la­tion­ships. Write down the in­spi­ra­tions that pop into your head, but wait to put them into mo­tion.

Don’t be a pushover when it comes to the rules and reg­u­la­tions. With de­lec­ta­ble Venus danc­ing through your op­po­site sign, you could bend over back­ward to be agree­able. Don’t do any­thing that may be ques­tion­able.

You may pre­fer to be seen as a busy beaver. If your en­ergy is undi­rected, you may go off on a fi­nan­cial wild-goose chase. Fo­cus on do­ing things in tan­dem with a part­ner or loved one who will keep your pri­or­i­ties straight.

Take time to shop for ap­parel that sets off your eyes or makes you more at­trac­tive to the op­po­site sex. Straight talk can put a re­la­tion­ship on the right path, but un­der­stand­ing and kind­ness tighten bonds of af­fec­tion.

Spice up a re­la­tion­ship by play­ing hard to get or do­ing some­thing sur­pris­ingly ro­man­tic. You may be at­tracted to a new hooku­patthe­work­place. Your ef­forts will be val­ued if you try to be more orig­i­nal. Be­ing too stri­dent or force­ful could up­set an amorous ap­ple­cart. Don’t for­get to say “please” and “thank you” if you want to sell your wares to the public or de­velop a re­la­tion­ship with the ob­ject of your af­fec­tion.

Play a game of hearts rather than dodge ball. You must play by the rules, but you can choose which game to play. A cer­tain some­one could be in an amorous mood and ready to com­pro­mise in or­der to please you.

Get back into some­one’s good graces. If you were en­rolled in the fa­mous pro­gram that has 12 steps to re­cov­ery, then to­day you could be tak­ing step nine and seek to make amends for a past wrong­do­ing.

It isn’t easy to be con­tent with the sta­tus quo. Acos­mic itch could tempt you to scratch where money or love is con­cerned. Phys­i­cal ac­tiv­i­ties like sports or house­clean­ing with a part­ner will burn off mi­nor ag­gra­va­tions.

You may be in the mood to es­cape on an es­capade. Dreamy ro­man­tic feel­ings are in the air and you could be tuned in to the feel­ings of some­one spe­cial. Your ca­pac­ity for un­der­stand­ing is your most pow­er­ful trait. There could be a fo­cus on group ac­tiv­i­ties dur­ing the com­ing six to eight weeks. Your busi­ness sense and ap­ti­tude for fi­nan­cial suc­cess are am­pli­fied in Jan­uary, mak­ing that a good time to con­tem­plate your in­vest­ments and busi­ness goals. You may be a hum­ble as a saint, but oth­ers could think you are a su­per­star in March and April. The light of love and pop­u­lar­ity shines on you at that time, so you can make progress with key re­la­tion­ships and ask for com­mit­ment if all the other signs look right. A chance meet­ing could rock you out of a de­pend­able rut and per­haps bring a soul­mate into your life if you are sin­gle or a new job if you hope to make a change.

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