Find­ing teach­ers who care

Baltimore Sun - - FROM PAGE ONE - Lois Rai­mondi Munchel, Forest Hill

I ap­plaud the mother of the stu­dent who was ejected by a teacher who used a racial ep­i­thet (“Par­ent who posted video of Bal­ti­more teacher wishes she hadn’t been fired,” Nov. 19). Erica De­minds was ac­cu­rate in her ob­ser­va­tion of what may have caused the con­fronta­tion. She ob­vi­ously is aware of what teach­ers face each day, no mat­ter where they may teach. Ms. De­minds speaks highly of the teacher, and the chil­dren in the class will miss her and her abil­i­ties. I’ve seen per­son­ally how stu­dents who don’t wish to learn can make it dif­fi­cult for those who do. The teacher should not have used the lan­guage she did, but it came from frus­tra­tion, not from hate. Teach­ing is a vo­ca­tion that takes a spe­cial in­di­vid­ual to be a some­times-mother and fa­ther to these stu­dents. They deal with stu­dents who see in their young lives more than most adults would be able to bear.

The school sys­tem has a dif­fi­cult time hir­ing teach­ers who care and who give so much to ed­u­cate our fu­ture cit­i­zens, and now it’s mi­nus one.

I feel if par­ents would spend one day in class, they would see a world many of them would not be able to deal with. I ap­plaud those teach­ers who man­age to hold on to san­ity and go to school each day, hop­ing to in­still in each stu­dent a sense of ac­com­plish­ment. When we look upon our own ed­u­ca­tion, we all re­mem­ber a teacher who made be­ing ed­u­cated a goal. We can thank them for their ef­fort and for their love of learn­ing and at­tempt­ing to pass this on to us. And thanks to Ms. De­minds, who is to be com­mended for her abil­ity to see the side that teach­ers see con­stantly. Hope­fully, her son will learn from this lesson and re­al­ize his po­ten­tial be­cause of the teach­ers he meets along the way.

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