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Tighten the belt and avoid over­spend­ing. De­lib­er­ate at­tempts to shock or amuse might elicit un­pleas­ant re­sults. Peo­ple in your im­me­di­ate cir­cle may be briefly be in a sus­pi­cious mood and ques­tion your mo­tives.

Sit out this dance. New re­la­tion­ships could be­come overly pos­ses­sive or ex­tremely ex­pen­sive. A brief pe­riod of cos­mic tur­bu­lence makes this a poor day to start key projects or make key de­ci­sions.

Heavy thoughts re­quire a light touch. When those close seem loaded down with wor­ries you have a knack for light­en­ing the at­mos­phere. Be pre­pared to work closely with de­tails.

Ac­knowl­edge the dif­fer­ence be­tween pos­ses­sive­ness and en­dur­ing love. On some plane a fight may oc­cur when you try to “have and to hold,” but true love is kind and holds with an open hand.

Learn a les­son from Ge­orge Wash­ing­ton and his at­ti­tude on hon­esty. If you chop down a cherry tree, be sure to ad­mit it. Al­though the tale about the first pres­i­dent may be mere folk­lore, it con­tains some help­ful wis­dom.

Show a spe­cial some­one you care by be­ing es­pe­cially sym­pa­thetic and un­der­stand­ing. Don’t ask for a prom­ise or a pledge un­less you are will­ing to de­vote en­ergy into ful­fill­ing your end of the bar­gain pre­cisely.

Get a han­dle on your sus­pi­cions and don’t look for trou­ble where none ex­ists. Rein in your im­pulse to pur­sue new amorous part­ners. You may be tempted to make large ex­pen­di­tures to im­press fam­ily mem­bers. Gather cre­ative ideas for fu­ture use. You and a loved one may cham­pion op­po­site sides if a ma­jor pur­chase is on the ta­ble. You may pre­fer to be cau­tious about ex­pen­di­tures while a loved one wants to spend lav­ishly.

You may be led astray all day. Putting vi­tal mat­ters into mo­tion is like build­ing a house of cards on a wob­bly ta­ble. Alack of sta­bil­ity can top­ple and de­stroy all your plans. Don’t start any­thing im­por­tant.

You may be the ring­mas­ter, but it is time to step out of the three-ring circus. You may be less am­bi­tious than usual, but this gives you time to re­lax and un­wind. Fam­ily gath­er­ings may be wor­thy of your full at­ten­tion.

Hang up your spurs. Urg­ing some­one on could prompt a run­away sit­u­a­tion. Don’t gam­ble on start­ing a new re­la­tion­ship or give in shopping whims. It is time to be pa­tient be­cause things will shift in a few days.

You may not be dis­creet if an amorous out­ing is on your cal­en­dar. Peo­ple will no­tice your ev­ery move, so be sure to guard against im­pro­pri­ety. Your mind may be on busi­ness or fi­nances, but ideas must be out on hold.

In the com­ing six to eight weeks you may make im­por­tant con­tacts and en­joy a wider so­cial cir­cle. Through hard work and demon­strat­ing your ex­ec­u­tive abil­ity you can re­ceive the recog­ni­tion you de­serve in Jan­uary. Fe­bru­ary, March and early April are good months to pur­sue your am­bi­tions and fo­cus on busi­ness, ca­reer and se­cu­rity. Your shrewd ap­praisal of peo­ple and fi­nances can put you in the driver’s seat. Dur­ing late April and May you may be dis­tracted by a ro­man­tic con­cept and over­es­ti­mate your fi­nan­cial sta­tus. Put off fur­ther fi­nan­cial ma­neu­ver­ing un­til July.

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