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Sur­prises could oc­cur if you mix busi­ness and plea­sure. The peo­ple you deal with could seem dif­fi­cult or ec­cen­tric. This is not a good day to al­ter a ro­man­tic or fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion, be­cause con­di­tions could change.

Re­main as steady as the Rock of Gi­bral­tar. Those in author­ity are not in the mood for so­cial­iz­ing or friv­o­lous changes to the rou­tines. Your pa­tience may be tested when deal­ing with er­ratic co-work­ers or emer­gen­cies.

At­ti­tude can al­ter the out­come. If you choose to see only the neg­a­tive side of things you’ll de­velop the habit of look­ing for gloom. Don’t dra­ma­tize a sit­u­a­tion in or­der to gain sym­pa­thy; stick to the facts and re­main ob­jec­tive.

Don’t squan­der time grasp­ing at straws. You could find your­self in a group sit­u­a­tion, un­able to jus­tify your ideas or ac­tions. Avoid try­ing to ex­plain the un­ex­plain­able and side­step cen­sure.

You’ll fare bet­ter with facts than with fic­tions. Hold off on launch­ing a cre­ative en­deavor you’ve been plan­ning, as the re­sults could prove less than ideal. Fur­ther thought is nec­es­sary, as you may miss the fine print.

Duck the dou­ble talk. Avoid be­com­ing in­volved in a string of mis­un­der­stand­ings that could re­duce har­mony with an im­por­tant per­son. It’s best to hold off on im­por­tant de­ci­sions and dis­cus­sions for one more day.

Broaden your hori­zons with a big help­ing of ed­u­ca­tion. Fresh in­sights and ob­ser­va­tions may in­spire you to make a dif­fer­ence and do some­thing worth­while. To ac­com­plish this you will need to de­velop a new skill set. Be sure you are not fooled by fab­u­lous fakes. If you fill your pock­ets with rocks painted green, rather than real cash, the rocks will drag you down. Main­tain a low pro­file and get nec­es­sary work done on time.

Look be­fore you leap. You may be pre­pared to take the plunge into a new ven­ture, but ap­pear­ances can be de­ceiv­ing. You may not have a firm grasp on the truth to­day. Post­pone mak­ing im­por­tant choices.

Those who make mud pies end up with dirty hands. Main­tain a pro­fes­sional man­ner in the work­place and don’t be drawn into a mud­sling­ing match. Re­main steady and re­li­able; ig­nore de­trac­tors and dis­trac­tions.

The less you are seen, the more you will be no­ticed. Ig­nore out­side dis­trac­tions and con­cen­trate on get­ting cru­cial as­sign­ments and tasks com­pleted. If you are busy you will at­tract recog­ni­tion and at­ten­tion from those in charge.

Avoid dwelling on dreams and fan­tasies. Sen­ti­men­tal­ity can block re­la­tion­ships. Your in­ac­cu­ra­cies and mis­takes could be re­vealed, caus­ing prob­lems. Put off mak­ing key fi­nan­cial de­ci­sions for a few more days.

For the next three to four weeks take care of ex­ist­ing obli­ga­tions to the best of your abil­ity and avoid clashes with author­ity fig­ures. Through­out De­cem­ber your am­bi­tions, street smarts and street “cred” hit a high note, so you may make progress fi­nan­cially or ca­reer­wise. Your pas­sion for ma­te­rial suc­cess can be trans­lated into drive and tenac­ity with any­thing close to your heart. How­ever, for the best suc­cess, wait un­til late June to launch new busi­ness en­ter­prises, move to a new home or start a new job. Your new ex­pe­ri­ences will have pre­pared you for an im­por­tant ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ship or a new job.

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