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Gov­ern­ment should reg­u­late so­cial me­dia plat­forms like util­i­ties

- Jack Kin­stlinger, Tow­son Business · Society · Social Media · Facebook · Twitter

Your ar­ti­cle on Face­book’s de­ci­sion to ban Holo­caust deny­ing posts raises an is­sue that has been per­plex­ing for a long time (“Face­book bans posts that deny or dis­tort the Holo­caust,” Oct. 12). Both Face­book and Twit­ter have been strug­gling with the ques­tion as to how to bal­ance free­dom of speech with the spread of ma­li­cious and pos­si­bly dan­ger­ous mis­in­for­ma­tion, and nei­ther has been able to re­solve the prob­lem. The an­swer is ob­vi­ous and that is that so­cial plat­forms need to be sub­ject to gov­ern­ment reg­u­la­tion, like all other pub­lic util­i­ties. It is ridicu­lous to al­low is­sues that so deeply af­fect the pub­lic to be de­cided by CEOs of for-profit cor­po­ra­tions that have ob­vi­ous self in­ter­est in the out­come.

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