Baltimore Sun : 2020-10-16

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10 NEWS THE BALTIMORE SUN | | FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2020 THE BALTIMORE SUN A Tribune Publishing Company TRIFFON G. ALATZAS Publisher & Editor-in-Chief NEWS LEADERSHIP BALTIMORE SUN MEDIA SAMUEL C. DAVIS, SHARON F. NEVINS, Managing Editor / Audience Vice President / Advertisin­g Readers respond Commentary TRICIA BISHOP, Director of Content / Opinion Director of Content / Enterprise and Investigat­ions Director of Content / Audience and Analytics Director of Content / Community News and Market Editor TIMOTHY J. THOMAS, EILEEN CANZIAN, Senior Vice President / Business Developmen­t Baltimore Sun editorial board KALANI GORDON, The Baltimore Sun editorial board offers opinions and analysis on news and issues relevant to readers through staff-written editorials. It is separate from the newsroom. The board consists of Opinion Editor Tricia Bishop, Deputy Opinion Editor Andrea K. McDaniels and Opinion Writer Peter Jensen. JAY JUDGE, ANNE TALLENT, Director of Content / News