Baltimore Sun : 2020-10-17

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11 NEWS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2020 | | THE BALTIMORE SUN THE BALTIMORE SUN Talk to us A Tribune Publishing Company The Baltimore Sun welcomes comments from readers by email or online at baltimores­ Readers respond submission­s should be no longer than 400 words, and commentary submission­s should be 650-750 words, including author informatio­n. The Sun reserves the right to edit and publish submission­s online and in print. TRIFFON G. ALATZAS Publisher & Editor-in-Chief NEWS LEADERSHIP BALTIMORE SUN MEDIA SAMUEL C. DAVIS, SHARON F. NEVINS, Managing Editor / Audience Vice President / Advertisin­g Readers respond Commentary talkback@baltimores­ TRICIA BISHOP, Director of Content / Opinion Director of Content / Enterprise and Investigat­ions Director of Content / Audience and Analytics Director of Content / Community News and Market Editor TIMOTHY J. THOMAS, EILEEN CANZIAN, Senior Vice President / Business Developmen­t Baltimore Sun editorial board KALANI GORDON, The Baltimore Sun editorial board offers opinions and analysis on news and issues relevant to readers through staff-written editorials. It is separate from the newsroom. The board consists of Opinion Editor Tricia Bishop; Deputy Opinion Editor Andrea K. McDaniels and Opinion Writer Peter Jensen. JAY JUDGE, ANNE TALLENT, Director of Content / News

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