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Two full moons oc­cur in Jan­uary! They are on the 2nd and 31st, and the sec­ond one is a rare "blue moon." Both af­fect your love life, so be care­ful. The new moon on Jan­uary 17 at 26 de­grees Capri­corn is a day to work hard for what you want. No full moon in Fe­bru­ary is an­other odd­ity. The new moon on Fe­bru­ary 15 at 27 de­grees Aquarius brings un­usual and un­ex­pected news. It’s a strange month in­deed!

ARIES (MARCH 21 TO APRIL 20) Ma­jor planet changes are likely to have you mak­ing new plans for the com­ing year. Ideas you have, mail you re­ceive and news you hear on Jan­uary 3 is apt to be good. The planet Uranus sud­denly gives you bet­ter and new in­for­ma­tion. It’s best to take your time mak­ing any de­ci­sion, and see what hap­pens next. You are in a new and lively time of your life.

TAU­RUS (APRIL 21 TO MAY 20) As the year be­gins, Venus, your ruler, and Saturn and Pluto are all in the earth sign Capri­corn, form­ing ben­e­fi­cial trines (the as­pect formed by plan­ets that are 120 de­grees apart, con­sid­ered to be in har­mony) to your plan­ets. This is the time to take your job se­ri­ously and ad­vance and en­hance your ex­per­tise in what­ever area you now work. Op­por­tu­ni­ties to grow, learn and in­vest are all around you; be sure to look for them. An un­ex­pected but wel­come change oc­curs on Jan­uary 18.

GEM­INI (MAY 21 TO JUNE 20) Mer­cury, your ruler, is di­rect all of Jan­uary and Fe­bru­ary, mak­ing both months a su­per time to ini­ti­ate new and dif­fer­ent things. Learn­ing some­thing in­tri­cate is of value to you. Peo­ple you meet now are apt to be help­ful. You have an ac­tive, quick and su­pe­rior mind and are way ahead of most of your friends. You make a good teacher and speaker and have the abil­ity to turn a com­pany around.

CAN­CER (JUNE 21 TO JULY 22) Re­cent changes in your life prob­a­bly have you think­ing about what you should do next or where you should travel. You are a wa­ter sign and love the sea. Cruises are ben­e­fi­cial. You do well with tran­quil and easy liv­ing. Mu­sic is good for you, and you like con­certs and soft and har­mo­nious sounds. Stay away from dif­fi­cult peo­ple dur­ing these months. You thrive on calm, gen­tle and car­ing souls.

LEO (JULY 23 TO AU­GUST 22) You are strong, care­ful and some­times stub­born. Your job will be on your mind un­til about Jan­uary 20 when some­thing new and dif­fer­ent cap­tures your in­ter­est. It’s a great time to travel to a place where you have never been and the sun is shin­ing. With your ruler, the sun, en­ter­ing Aquarius, you should be in the mood for ex­plor­ing and do­ing un­usual things that oc­cur to you at the last minute. Make it a fun time!

VIRGO (AU­GUST 23 TO SEPTEM­BER 22) The per­fect New Year’s res­o­lu­tion for you Vir­gos is “to stop your eter­nal wor­ry­ing.” You worry more than any other sign of the Zo­diac—which is silly since you also do things bet­ter and in more de­tail than any other sign. Many astrologers think worry makes what­ever you’re wor­ry­ing about more likely to hap­pen. Wor­ry­ing is like men­tal telepa­thy and at­tracts what you don’t want; try re­vers­ing it and fo­cus on what you do want. En­vi­sion it. Saturn is form­ing a trine to Virgo, astrology’s very best as­pect, and that should help enor­mously in bring­ing bet­ter times.

LI­BRA (SEPTEM­BER 23 TO OC­TO­BER 22) The com­ing year should be a good one. You ei­ther have a de­voted part­ner or will soon get one. You like things to go smoothly, and with Venus as your ruler, most things work out to your lik­ing. Jan­uary 8 is a great day to get the fam­ily to­gether. Peo­ple you meet af­ter Jan­uary 18 will want you to try some­thing new, but you don’t like to go too far from your com­fort zone, so be care­ful what you agree to do.

SCOR­PIO (OC­TO­BER 23 TO NOVEM­BER 22) The be­gin­ning of the New Year has Jupiter and Mars in Scor­pio re­ceiv­ing a trine from the ro­man­tic planet Nep­tune. That should bring your love life to the fore. An Aries, Sagit­tar­ius, Pisces or, even bet­ter, an­other Scor­pio could sud­denly show a lot of in­ter­est in you. An Aries will take you to new places, a Sagit­tar­ius will be the most fun, a Pisces will be the most ro­man­tic, but a Scor­pio would be awe­some. Choose care­fully.

SAGIT­TAR­IUS (NOVEM­BER 23 TO DE­CEM­BER 21) The New Year starts with your sign get­ting a trine from Uranus in Aries. That prom­ises some great new be­gin­nings for the com­ing year. Ex­pect ideas and op­por­tu­ni­ties to brighten your en­tire year. For­eign travel with friends, the the­ater, fam­ily wed­dings and all man­ner of good times are in store for you. Buy some new clothes and get ready to have a good time. Fi­nances have im­proved, so en­joy your­self.

CAPRI­CORN (DE­CEM­BER 22 TO JAN­UARY 19) Saturn is your ruler, and it has just started its 2½-year jour­ney through Capri­corn. It’s a time to start mak­ing or­ga­nized and care­ful plans. What you start now will re­quire dis­ci­plined and steady ef­fort but will be well worth it. Build­ing your own busi­ness is fa­vored. Or build your own home. Or study the stock mar­ket and build your port­fo­lio with rock-solid div­i­dend-pay­ing stocks. You will be pleased with the re­sults as long as you use your Capri­corn de­ter­mi­na­tion and fol­low through. These are the 2½ years to work hard and fo­cus on the fu­ture.

AQUARIUS (JAN­UARY 20 TO FE­BRU­ARY 18) Your year starts with some un­usual ex­cite­ment. Uranus, your ruler, turns di­rect on Jan­uary 3, pro­pel­ling you for­ward faster than ex­pected. If you’ve re­quested some­thing spe­cial, you should get it. Op­por­tu­ni­ties abound. Be aware that if you ask some­one to marry you, he or she will say, “Yes”! Re­mem­ber the old caveat, “Be care­ful what you ask for,” be­cause you’ll likely get it. Aquarius is the bach­e­lor sign.

PISCES (FE­BRU­ARY 19 TO MARCH 20) A wel­come change will oc­cur the first week of Jan­uary. You are ready for a va­ca­tion and would like peace and quiet by the sea­side. Rest­ing, try­ing new restau­rants and read­ing a mys­tery novel while you lay in a ham­mock all have ap­peal. You have had too much stress and work and need a break. So, go for it and make reser­va­tions, and get away from the crowd.

Norma R. Ha­gan has been an as­trologer for more than 50 years. She is a pro­fes­sional mem­ber of the Amer­i­can Fed­er­a­tion of Astrologers (PMAFA). She has writ­ten many ar­ti­cles for astrology mag­a­zines and has made tele­vi­sion ap­pear­ances on Good Morn­ing Amer­ica and the Maury Povich Show. In 1972 she moved to Puerto Rico and while there did astrology work for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force in Aquadilla. In 1976 she es­tab­lished an of­fice in Vir­ginia Beach, Vir­ginia, where she did horo­scopes, read tarot cards and did pro bono astrology work for the Vir­ginia Beach Homi­cide Divi­sion. Ha­gan now lives on Sani­bel Is­land, Florida, and does horo­scopes and tele­phone tarot card read­ings. She can be reached at 239-472–6925.

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