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one makes me an of­fer, that doesn’t of­fend me. That means some­one likes my house enough to make me an of­fer. What should of­fend you is that all those peo­ple have been through your house and didn’t like it enough to even make you an of­fer.” Pete got the house. Let me tell you, I am cur­rently of­fended that no one “likes my house enough” to make an of­fer.

We have a beau­ti­ful brick ranch for sale at 159 Moores Ferry Road in Plainville. It’s a roomy 2000 square feet with three bed­rooms and three full bath­rooms. It has hand­scrapped hard­woods, frieze car­pet and tile through­out.

It has a two- car garage, a spa­cious kitchen and a large back deck, as well as a cov­ered front porch. It has a brand-new metal roof, a 36 by 40 foot pole barn and a brand-new four- ton heat pump.

From jet­ted tubs to its sur­round­ing eight acres, this house has ev­ery­thing- ev­ery­thing ex­cept an of­fer. We have had this thing listed for six months now. Six Months! We’ve never had a flip go that long.

I can’t fig­ure it out. I’ll even tell you what the draw­backs are. The rail­road crosses Moores Ferry three houses up from this prop­erty. There’s not much we can do about that other than drop the price, which we have.

Be­fore we got started, we had the house ap­praised for $ 179,900. Cur­rently we’ve dropped the price to $ 149,900. That means this house has $ 30,000 in equity from the get go. Ac­tu­ally it’s prob­a­bly more. That ap­praisal was done six months ago and houses have gone up in value this year.

Back to the draw­backs, the house is also very close to the neigh­bor’s prop­erty line. This house sat va­cant for a few years. Dur­ing the va­cancy, some goof­ball drove through and rut­ted up the neigh­bor’s yard to get to our house to steal cop­per; hence the new A/C unit. To pre­vent any more of that, the neigh­bor set posts at the prop­erty line in­tend­ing to build a fence.

So there’s a fence re­ally close to the house, and makes the yard look smaller. That be­ing said, the neigh­bor would re­ally like to do some horse trad­ing. His house sits at the back of his prop­erty. Our house sits at the front. He would like to lengthen the front side of his yard us­ing some of the back por­tion of our prop­erty and vice versa. The trade would thus in­crease the front and side yard of our house.

When you see a house for sale, go and talk to the peo­ple. Ask them Pete’s fa­mous ques­tion: “Why are you sell­ing such a nice house as this.” Be­fore you leave, make them a writ­ten of­fer that works for you. If hav­ing an of­fer of­fends them, they’re not ready to sell their house.

I would wel­come any of­fer on this house. That doesn’t means we can ac­cept any of­fer, but it does mean we can start ne­go­ti­at­ing to­ward some­thing mu­tu­ally ben­e­fi­cial.

Re­mem­ber, ne­go­ti­a­tions are where deals are cre­ated. Get out there and make some of­fers, and if you know some­one that is in­ter­ested in a big house with acreage and equity, have them give me a call: 678- 986- 6813.

Joe and Ash­ley English in­vest in real es­tate in North­west Ge­or­gia. For more in­for­ma­tion or to ask a ques­tion, go to www. cash­flowwith­joe. com.

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