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go­ing to the doc­tor. No­body likes to have to go to the doc­tor be­cause it might hurt, or we fear it might be some­thing se­ri­ous. You think it is mi­nor, and it will be bet­ter in a day or so. You will worry about it to­mor­row. Think­ing a good thought is nice, but it does not fix the prob­lem.

But whether it a splin­ter, or a piece of metal, or some­thing torn or bro­ken inside, time does not heal it. Un­til the doc­tor cleans out the prob­lem, the wound con­tin­ues to get in­fected and sorer. Tak­ing some pills masks the pain, but does not solve the prob­lem. Once the doc­tor does his job, the wound will heal, and the pain will be gone.

Life is like that. When you have said or done some­thing wrong, you feel that pain. Emo­tional pain can hurt more than phys­i­cal pain. You try to ig­nore it. You know that God is there, and you have to face Him. But you put it off.

It is like go­ing to talk to mom when you have done some­thing wrong, and the fear keeps you from own­ing up to what you did. Once it is ad­mit­ted, the pain is re­lieved, and the love is back again.

The doc­tor and mom are not your en­emy, but they are still hard to face. God is not your en­emy, but He can be hard to face. When you ask Him to for­give your sin, the wound can heal. He will give you new life. The pain will be gone.

Now your new life is His. You are a child of God. You will al­ways be fam­ily. Mis­takes or wrong choices will still hap­pen, but He will al­ways be there for you. Do not put off talk­ing to God any longer. Get the right treat­ment to­day.

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