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his friend Randy, “the one that used to come to church with me.” I get that ques­tion from stu­dents from time to time. I scur­ried through Face­book to see who he was speak­ing of. Then Ben sent me a cou­ple of pic­tures, and I re­mem­bered him im­me­di­ately. I replied, “Oh, your twin?” He said “I wanted to call and tell you, but I just can’t. Mom said he passed away last night, and they be­lieve it was sui­cide.” My heart hurt for Ben, as well as his friend’s fam­ily. Depression and sui­cide are tools of the Devil. Many of us can say that we have strug­gled with them, but this ar­ti­cle isn’t about depression and sui­cide.

I al­ways called Ben and Randy twins; be­cause they re­ally looked like twins ( I’d al­most say freak­ishly). For a num­ber of years, they were with each other all of the time. They stayed with each other, and wore each other’s clothes. I didn’t know un­til last week­end, but they were even born a day apart in the same hospi­tal.

In a Face­book post, Ben had men­tioned that Randy was al­ways the smarter and cooler one. He fur­ther went on to say that Randy had a lot of friends, but was his only friend dur­ing that time. I told Ben that it wasn’t so, but it was good to have such a close friend that he felt like he was your only friend.

When I think of the re­la­tion­ship Ben and Randy had, I can’t help but think of the re­la­tion­ship we have with Je­sus. First of all, the Bi­ble said we were cre­ated in the im­age of God. I think about how we are sup­posed to strive to look just like Him! We’re sup­posed to im­i­tate Him, with our words and deeds. 1 Corinthi­ans 2: 15,16 says we even have the mind of Christ. It reads, “But he that is spir­i­tual jud­geth all things, yet he him­self is judged of no man. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may in­struct him but we have the mind of Christ.” In fact, when some­one meets us, they should feel like they’ve met Je­sus.

I didn’t know Randy too well, but I knew Ben. Their friend­ship causes me to think of Proverbs 18: 24 which reads, “A man that hath friends must show him­self friendly: and there is a friend that stick­eth closer than a brother.” Ben is such a friendly guy, that he must have a thou­sand friends. How­ever, it’s safe to say that he and Randy were more like brothers than friends.

Je­sus is a friend like no other! He’s there when ev­ery­one else has checked out. He’s a friend of sin­ners, and we should set a goal to be more like him. One of the last things Ben said of his friend Randy was that he wished they could have been closer re­cently. I won­der how many would say that of Je­sus. Be­ing close to Randy re­cently would have been dif­fi­cult for Ben since he is a hus­band, father, and U.S. Air­man in South Dakota. Be­ing closer to Je­sus is dif­fer­ent. He is with us al­ways. All we have to do to be closer to Him is pray and study the Bi­ble. May we all make an ef­fort to do so. Please pray for those that are griev­ing to­day. Be Blessed.

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