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MILA bro­ken­pix­el­pro­duc­­labridger.blogspot.comBRIDGER, Marco Is­land “Formy headme, it’son the the ap­pear­ance­setup. I dream and and then sketchI try to the set imageup the from way shootI imag­inedthings can it. changeOf course the dur­ing di­rec­tion­s­the setup… and and that’s photo good, too.”

NICK ADAMS, Sani­bel nick­adamspho­tog­ra­ “With peo­ple, it’s all about ex­pres­sion. The face will speak a thou­sand words in a pho­to­graph, try­ing to get nat­u­ral ex­pres­sions is a skill that I am still try­ing to per­fect, even af­ter 22 years as a pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­pher. With land­scapes, it’s more about putting your­self in the right place at the right time to get a per­fect shot.”

DEN­NIS GINGERICH, Cape Co­ral gin­gerich­pho­ “I do plan­ning to get my best shots. I watch the skies and weather fore­casts to get a sense of what the cloud sit­u­a­tion will be like. A sky with­out clouds is bor­ing. Clouds add tex­ture, con­trast and color, es­pe­cially at sunrise and sun­set. And if you have wa­ter in the photo, then the re­flec­tions of the clouds dou­ble the im­pact.”

WIL­LIAM R. COX, Fort My­ers williamr­cox­pho­tog­ra­ “I search lit­er­a­ture, the in­ter­net and Google Earth to lo­cate the best lo­ca­tions for tar­geted wildlife, habi­tats or land­scapes, fol­low­ing this with ex­ten­sive field work mainly by foot to lo­cate the best sites to pho­to­graph.”


clyde­ “I go out into the field and ac­cept what­ever is pre­sented to me and then do the best I can with that ex­pe­ri­ence. How­ever, I stay out of the deep for­est when it is bright and sunny be­cause there is too much con­trast in the for­est … the black shad­ows and high­lights on the leaves are too far apart, which make for a lousy photo.”

“I dream and sketch the im­age from my head on the ap­pear­ance and then I try to set up the way I imag­ined it.” —Mila Bridger

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