MOONALERT: Avoid shop­ping for one hour to­day: from 10 to 11 a. m. Af­ter that, the Moon moves from Capricorn into Aquarius.

IF MARCH 5 IS YOUR BIRTH­DAY: Ac­tor- di­rec­tor Kevin Con­nolly ( 1974) shares your birth­day to­day. You have a pub­lic mask and a pri­vate mask. How­ever, when you choose to be, you can be highly ex­pres­sive. In fact, your pub­lic mask is debonair and so­phis­ti­cated. Some­thing you’ve been in­volved with for about nine years will end or di­min­ish to make room for some­thing new this year. It will also be a year of ser­vice to oth­ers. This is a good year to travel.

ARIES ( March 21- April 19):

Good news! Fiery Mars has moved into your fel­low Fire Sign to­day, where it will stay un­til the end of May. This will boost your en­ergy and give you fo­cus, di­rec­tion, will and de­ter­mi­na­tion. You will be vig­or­ous, phys­i­cally ac­tive and on ex­cel­lent terms with bosses and VIPs.

TAURUS ( April 20- May 20):

The shift of Mars from Scorpio into Sagittarius ( where it will stay for the next 12 weeks) is good news for you be­cause Mars will now no longer be op­po­site you, stir­ring up prob­lems with part­ner­ships and close friend­ships. How­ever, dis­putes about shared prop­erty could still arise.

GEMINI ( May 21- June 20):

Mars will be op­po­site your sign un­til the end of May. Re­gret­tably, this will make you eas­ily an­noyed with oth­ers, es­pe­cially part­ners and close friends. Your only re­course is to be tol­er­ant and pa­tient. ( Even a whole new set of friends will still be an­noy­ing.)

CAN­CER ( June 21- July 22):

To­day Mars moves into Sagittarius to stay un­til the end of May, and what this does for your sign is that it will­make you in­dus­tri­ous and pro­duc­tive at work and in your job. Yay! You will set high stan­dards for your­self and pos­si­bly be a bit de­mand­ing of oth­ers. Oops.

LEO ( July 23- Aug. 22):

Lovely news for Leos! To­day Mars en­ters your fel­low Fire Sign to stay for the next 12 weeks. This will make you vig­or­ous, self- con­fi­dent and strong! You will ini­ti­ate all kinds of ac­tiv­ity, es­pe­cially phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity— in­clud­ing sex. Yippee!

VIRGO ( Aug. 23- Sept. 22):

For the next three months, ex­pect in­creased ac­tiv­ity and chaos at home due to res­i­den­tial moves, ren­o­va­tions, home re­pairs or rel­a­tives who won’t leave. What­ever the case, your home scene will be way more ac­tive and re­quire your at­ten­tion!

LIBRA ( Sept. 23- Oct. 22):

Writ­ers, sales­peo­ple, teach­ers and ac­tors will be em­pow­ered in the next three months be­cause Mars will lend en­ergy to all your com­mu­ni­ca­tions— writ­ing and speak­ing. Peo­ple will sit up and lis­ten to you. Even you might start lis­ten­ing to you. (“Hmmm, I think I’m smarter than I thought!”)

SCORPIO ( Oct. 23- Nov. 21):

You can ex­pect to put out lots of en­ergy earn­ing money, work­ing for money and even spend­ing money in the next three months be­cause Mars, which rep­re­sents en­ergy, will stay in that part of your chart un­til the end of May. Ka- ching!

SAGITTARIUS ( Nov. 22- Dec. 21):

Oh my! To­day fiery Mars moves into your sign, where it will stay un­til the end of May. This will give you a tremen­dous boost of en­ergy and a chance to show the world what you can do. Ex­pect in­creased ac­tiv­ity on a daily ba­sis while you work hard to push ahead. This is good news for you!

CAPRICORN ( Dec. 22- Jan. 19):

For some rea­son, you will be­come more in­volved with be­hind- the- scenes ac­tiv­i­ties — or even se­cret ac­tiv­i­ties— for the next three months. Like­wise, be­cause ev­ery­thing is so “be­hind the scenes,” be on the look­out for lit­tle self- de­feat­ing acts that some­times make you your own worst en­emy. ( Gulp.)

AQUARIUS ( Jan. 20- Feb. 18):

Friend­ships and phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity with groups will be a ma­jor part of your life in the next three months. In fact, a strong com­pe­ti­tion with some­one is likely. Nev­er­the­less, you wel­come this ea­ger in­ter­ac­tion! Bring it on!

PISCES ( Feb. 19- March 20):

Your am­bi­tion will be aroused in the next three months. You will feel it and oth­ers will no­tice it. Use this to your ad­van­tage be­cause this doesn’t hap­pen very of­ten. “Damn the tor­pe­does, full steam ahead!”

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