MOONALERT: We have the “all clear” to­day to shop and do busi­ness. The moon is in Capri­corn. IFMARCH21 IS YOUR BIRTH­DAY: Ac­tress Rosie O’Don­nell ( 1962) shares your birth­day to­day. You have the traits of both Aries and Pisces. You are quirky, pas­sion­ate and also fo­cused and rea­soned. You are both sen­si­tive and ag­gres­sive, which can con­fuse oth­ers and even your­self. This year you will be a stu­dent and a teacher. You will be ex­cited as you start to see the fruits of your ef­forts for the past six years. Ex­pect your wel­learned re­wards soon! ARIES ( March 21- April 19):

This is the best year for part­ner­ships for Aries since 2005. This ap­plies to close friend­ships and part­ner­ships as well as pro­fes­sional part­ner­ships. And yes, this is the best year in over a decade to get mar­ried!

TAU­RUS ( April 20- May 20):

For 2017, your Tau­rus good for­tune is your job and your health. Yes, this year you can get a bet­ter job or im­prove your ex­ist­ing job. And you can also im­prove your health. Why not do both?

GEM­INI ( May 21- June 20):

This is the best year since 2005 for you to take a fab­u­lous va­ca­tion. Do plan on get­ting away from it all. In fact, why limit your­self to one va­ca­tion? The arts and play­ful times with chil­dren will flour­ish.

CAN­CER ( June 21- July 22):

This is the year for Can­cers to find their dream home. You might build it. You might move to it. You might cre­ate it out of your ex­ist­ing home. What­ever the case, not only will you love your home this year, your real es­tate as­sets will im­prove as well.

LEO ( July 23- Aug. 22):

This is the best year in over a decade to write, learn and study. It’s also a great year for sales, mar­ket­ing, teach­ing and act­ing be­cause your com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills are stel­lar! Ad­mit­tedly, your pace will be busy, but it will also be up­beat and fun!

VIRGO ( Aug. 23- Sept. 22):

Well it’s about time. This is the year for Vir­gos to boost their in­come and make more money. You might get a bet­ter pay­ing job, or you might make money on the side. Some of you will buy your­self some­thing so fab­u­lous that you will just feel richer. Ta- da!

LI­BRA ( Sept. 23- Oct. 22):

This is an ex­tremely for­tu­nate year for you be­cause lucky Jupiter is in your sign for the first time since 2005. In­ci­den­tally, it will not re­turn to your sign un­til 2028. Yes, not a com­mon oc­cur­rence! En­joy the good for­tune and pos­i­tive en­ergy that are yours this year. Lucky you!

SCOR­PIO ( Oct. 23- Nov. 21):

A lot is go­ing on be­hind the scenes for your sign this year, which is why many of you are ex­plor­ing your spir­i­tual side and your in­ner world. This is where you will gain strength and con­fi­dence. Of course, by the end of this year, lucky Jupiter will en­ter your sign for the first time since 2006. Look out world!

SAGIT­TAR­IUS ( Nov. 22- Dec. 21):

It’s im­por­tant to keep in mind that the place­ment of Jupiter this year ( for the first time since 2005) will make your in­ter­ac­tions with oth­ers ben­e­fit you. This in­cludes per­sonal friend­ships as well as pro­fes­sional con­tacts in groups and or­ga­ni­za­tions. Be friendly! ( Ya think?)

CAPRI­CORN ( Dec. 22- Jan. 19):

This year you can put your name up in lights. Peo­ple in au­thor­ity will ad­mire you. Be con­fi­dent that what­ever you do, you will prob­a­bly come out smelling like a rose. This is ex­treme good for­tune for you!

AQUAR­IUS ( Jan. 20- Feb. 18):

Grab every chance to travel in 2017. Ba­si­cally, you want to ex­pand your world. You want to learn more, take cour­ses and ex­tra train­ing. Publishing, the me­dia, medicine and the law are fa­vored!

PISCES ( Feb. 19- March 20):

You can re­ally clean up this year be­cause you will ben­e­fit from gifts, fa­vors and good­ies from oth­ers. “Keep it comin’!” This is the best year in over a decade to ask for a loan or a mort­gage. Ac­cept ev­ery­thing that comes your way and say, “Thank you!”

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