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“Rose must be Grape­fruit’s most un-fa­vorite player in the club,” Un­lucky Louie told me. “She puts the old goat in his place.”

Rose’s kind­ness toward other play­ers is ad­mirable. Grape­fruit ha­rangues his part­ners mer­ci­lessly.

“I was West in a penny game,” Louie said. “Grape­fruit opened one di­a­mond as South, I bid two clubs and North cue-bid three clubs. Grape­fruit bid five di­a­monds, passed out.”

Louie led the king of clubs, dummy hit and Grape­fruit was his usual self.

“Part­ner, you’re all foam and no beer. Bid 2NT and we get to the cold 3NT.”

Grape­fruit took the ace of clubs, drew trumps and led a spade to his king. He lost two spades and a club and told the kib­itzers that North was de­priv­ing some vil­lage of its idiot.

Rose was East. “Mr. Grape­fruit,” said she po­litely, “five di­a­monds was cold. Cash the king of hearts, draw trumps, throw a club from dummy on the ace of hearts, ruff a heart and exit with a club. You end-play West.”

For once, Grape­fruit was mum.

Daily ques­tion

You hold: ♠ 9742 ♥ K ♦ A9754 ♣ A 7 3. Your part­ner opens one heart, you re­spond one spade, he re­bids two hearts and you try 2NT. Part­ner next bids three di­a­monds. What do you say?

An­swer: Your part­ner sug­gests six hearts, four di­a­monds and min­i­mum val­ues. If he had a 6-4 hand with ex­tra strength, his se­cond bid would have been three hearts or two di­a­monds. Bid five di­a­monds or cue­bid four clubs. If he has 8, A J 7 6 5 3, K Q 8 2, K 4, you might make a slam. South dealer

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