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Base­ball was re­born on the 3rd of July, at Guar­an­teed Rate Field, Wrigley Field and ev­ery­where else on the ma­jor­league map.

Bats cracked. Gloves popped. Prac­tice was — even just for a sight here, a sound there — per­fect.

Too soon, though? With COVID-19 per­sist­ing, and, in some big-league lo­cales, surg­ing, did teams re­ally need to get back on the field in July? Or at all in 2020?

In this week’s “Polling Place” — your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter — we asked if three weeks of work­outs and a July 23 or 24 Open­ing Day is, given the risks in­volved, overly am­bi­tious.

“Any sport that tries to play this year won’t fin­ish,” @Thom3700 com­mented.

We sure hope he’s in­cor­rect about that, but he’s far from alone in his skep­ti­cism. As 30 teams awaited, and be­gan to share, re­sults from in­take screen­ing, play­ers, coaches, front-of­fice ex­ecs and all oth­ers in­volved with the game — media and fans, too — un­doubt­edly felt con­cern about how this will go.

Must the games go on? Per­haps not, but go on they shall. That’s the hope and the plan, any­way.

We also asked how MLB’s plan to have teams at their home ball­parks com­pared with the NBA’s “bub­ble” plan in Or­lando, Florida, and also — sniff — how much vot­ers have just plain missed the fun and games of sports.

“I would miss sports a lot more if we didn’t have a tod­dler and a baby,” @CheerTheAn­them wrote. “They have a way of suck­ing up all your time. Sin­gle me would be melt­ing down.”

Let’s leave the melt­downs to the lit­tle ones, shall we?

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