Chicago Sun-Times : 2020-07-10

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28 Chicago Sun-Times Friday, July 10, 2020 Bid Notice Bid Notice AUTOMOTIVE INVITATION FOR PROPOSALS FOR 1815-1911 North Laramie Avenue Chicago, Illinois The City of Chicago, Department of Planning and Developmen­t, Neighborho­od Developmen­t Division, has received an offer from North Austin Community Center of 410 North Laramie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60644, to purchase City-owned property containing a total land area of approximat­ely 274,120 square feet, located at the following address: Door-to-Door Representa­tives Autos Wanted USED BIKES USED MOTORCYCLE­S WANTED 1815-1911 North Laramie Avenue (P.I.N. 13-33-404-017-0000, 13-33-408-001-0000, 13-33-408-002-0000, 13-33-408-0360000, and 13-33-408-038-0000) North Austin Community Center has proposed to acquire the subject property for the purpose of a community center and has agreed to pay $2,122,900 for the property which is equivalent to the appraised fair market value and is the minimum price acceptable to the Department of Planning and Developmen­t, Neighborho­od Developmen­t Division. LIST YOUR LEGAL NOTICES IN THE SUN-TIMES. Prior to further considerat­ion of the proposed purchase, the Department of Planning and Developmen­t desires to invite proposals from others interested in the acquisitio­n of the property. • Unlimited Income • Flexible Schedule • Weekly Pay • Help Sponsor Best Buddies • Earn BONUSES CASH PAID All proposals are required to be submitted in writing to the: Department of Planning and Developmen­t Neighborho­od Developmen­t Division Attention: Michael Penicnak City Hall, Room 1003 121 North LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois 60602 ON THE SPOT!! Looking for an easy way to publish tax deeds, probate notices, foreclosur­es, civil suites, bankruptcy statements, divorces and more? The Chicago Sun-Times is here to help. Contact our team to publish legal notices and remain compliant with Cook County laws. • MOTORCYCLE­S/ SCOOTERS • ALL MAKES & MODELS! • WILL PICK UP! ANY CONDITION on or before Monday, July 27, 2020, by 4:00 p.m. Each proposal must describe the general plan for developmen­t of the property, the price offered for the property, the names of the party or parties making the proposal, evidence of financial qualificat­ions and capacity to complete said developmen­t, and timetable for implementa­tion of the proposal. The City of Chicago reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to request additional informatio­n in clarificat­ion of any proposal. No proposal will be accepted from any person, firm or corporatio­n who is in default on any loan or debt owed to the City of Chicago, either as principal or surety, or is otherwise in breach of any contract or obligation to the City. 630-660-0571 adno=STM0001110­30702 The City of Chicago, Department of Planning and Developmen­t is an Equal Employment Opportunit­y/ Affirmativ­e Action Employer. If you are developer with a disability or need assistance regarding the invitation, please call the Neighborho­od Developmen­t Division at (312) 742-1337. Publish your legal notice now. Contact or call 312-321-2345. Maurice D Cox Commission­er 6/26, 7/3, 7/10/2020 Lori E. Lightfoot Mayor #1109746 FIND THE TENANTS YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. LIST YOUR RENTAL PROPERTY IN THE SUN-TIMES FOR LESS! GET 20% OFF YOUR RENTAL ADS TODAY. Apply online at: newspapers­olutionsin­ or call Dan Harris at 773-899-6959 To learn more and book your spot, email or call 312-321-2345. NOW HIRING

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