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7 | The Hardest-Working Paper in America | Monday, July 13, 2020 | In Complete Compliance With All CDC Guidelines for COVID-19 Chicagoans, you can now elimi-nate your knee pain with a hot new pain cure. Imagine... go shopping, walking or jogging, gardening, going to church, playing with your grand-children, or going golfing without knee pain... Do all of the things you used to enjoy and... get your life back free of knee pain. Not only is it possible, thousands of Chicagolan­d Boomers and Se-niors with knee pain have experi-enced the amazing relief this new non-surgical treatment option provides. It’s like taking 30 years of wear and tear off your knees - in less than 30 minutes! in numerous clinical studies to act as a natural lubricant in your joints. It’s FDA approved and is a perfect cushion and shock absorber for your joints. In fact, it’s even been compared to letting your sore joints rest on the softest down pillow. It’s almost as if your knee sighes with relief and relaxation. Sounds Nice But My Knees Aren’t That Bad... Sure, you can put up with this ache in your knee, but the cost of doing nothing about it is HUGE. “Every day was hard. I couldn’t en-joy my favorite activities anymore. But thankfully, now I’m back in full form. I am doing yard work for the first time in years!” — Phil M. “I didn’t know how much LIFE and SLEEP I was missing because of my knee pain, until it went away with this wonderful treatment.” — George R. JJRR I DDoocctoto­rr s seseelilvi­v e inin to thth e kknne jojoinintt . EEvveenn yyoo u wiil bb e aabb le tt o sse thth e mmeeddicic­inin e flfloowiin­ngg wwhheerr e iit . o s , no ing around, the medicine cushions, lubricates, s e to e e le o ee e e e needs to bee . NN o gguuee ss wwoorkrk ,n o popkoikn-g around, the medicine cushions, lubricates, and helps heal the damaged knee. I u ee . ll 660 WWese t 22n2d Street Suite 102 Oakbrook, IL 00 s2 t nd 60 OrOlarnlad­nd Square Dr Orland Park, IL 60 Seriously, you can get the knee pain relief you are looking for without wasting your precious time recoveryin­g or even spending a dime! If you received this kind of treatment in the past, and it didn’t relieve your pain, there is a BIG chance the medication landed somewhere around, but not INSIDE, the joint where it can’t help you. This happens 30% of the time without digital imaging. So What Is Causing My Knee Pain And How Do I Stop It? Call Now (708) 963-006750 It’s pretty simple, really. You see, when you’re young, you have a thick, fluid protein inside your knee joints to lubricate them as you move. This fluid also acts as a cushion and shock absorber inside your knee. It’s called synovial fluid, and it works much like the oil in a car’s engine to keep all the parts mov-ing freely, without friction. However, as you age, this fluid dries out, leaving your bones to painfully rub and grind against each other with every step. And unfortunat­ely, there’s no way for the knee to make more. After years of working perfectly, your knee starts to feel a subtle ache with certain activities like using stairs, kneeling down, or getting out of the car. With time, it becomes a constant ache. If left untreated, it can keep you awake at night, and hurt with every step. TT o SScchheedd­ulle Your Free Scrreennii­nngg o But, there is a HUGE problem: You Can Be Pain Free! This treatment will ONLY work if it is administer­ed precisely into the troubled tissues in the knees. If this treatment is delivered slightly off those areas it will never help you. This is why a lot of people have received treatments like orthovisc or Synvisc in the past and never had any pain relief. A lot of them went on to have surgery they never needed in the first place. In fact, a recent study looked at trained doctors who administer those kinds of injections blindly found that a third of them miss those specific areas in the joints. So, those patients walked away not knowing that whatever treatment they received will never have a chance to work because it completely missed the trouble areas. This is why the doctors at Joint Relief Institute use advanced im-aging in addition to an unique double confirmati­on technique to guarantee that Here is what you need to do Call now for a free screening... are driving all the way from Michigan to receive this treatment. If you or a loved one is suffering with knee pain, this could be the blessed relief you’re looking for. You are personally invited to a FREE knee pain screening from the Joint Relief Institute doctors to see if you are a good candidate for this all natural, highly-precise treatment. Your screening will only take about 2030 minutes of your time, as one of their doctors sits down with you and answers all the questions you have about your knees. On the day of your treatment, you’ll be able to come in on your own, and be done within 30 minutes or less. No pain. No problem driving yourself home. Due to high demand, they can only offer a limited number of FREE screenings every month. Is it true this natural treatment costs NOTHING? Yes, more good news, besides the pain relief, is that because this nonsurgica­l program has already proven to help thousands of seniors, Medi-care and other insurance plans will cover the full cost of the treatment. So there is very likely NO COST to you for this life-changing treatment. But Should You Consider Surgery? Maybe you’re thinking about knee replacemen­t surgery. It’s a popular option that has been around for a while now. But, do you really want to lay in bed for weeks with the possibilit­y of still being in pain after? We’ve seen many patients still hurting for years after knee replacemen­t sur-gery. It’s not a 100% guarantee that you’ll be pain-free. The good news is, researcher­s have discovered all natural, lubricatin­g fluid called Hyaluronic acid that is nearly identical to the fluid we have in our knees. It has been proven Is it true? Could it be that this natural treatment cost NOTHING or very little out of pocket? every single injection administer­ed ends up in the right place. Yes! More good news besides the pain relief is that because this non-surgical pain relief program has already proven to help thousands of seniors, Medicare and other insurance plans pay for ALL or most of the cost of the treatment. So there is very likely LITTLE or NO COST to you for this in-office treatment. Taking the precision further to a double confirmati­on technique is exactly why patients previously fail-ing with 3 different doctors without advance imaging are now having pain relief for the first time in more than forty years. No wonder many patients So if you’re interested, Call now (708) 963-0065. TeleMedici­ne Now Available adno=STM0001110­32601 Medicare and insurance guidelines followed. PAID ADVERTISEM­ENT Thousands of Chicagolan­d Boomers and Seniors are now getting knee pain RELIEF, INSTEAD of knee replacemen­t. If you believe your only options are agonizing knee pain or surgery...You are WRONG! Go Golfing Play With Your Grandkids Go Dancing

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