Thou­sands of Chicagolan­d Boomers and Se­niors are now get­ting knee pain RE­LIEF, IN­STEAD of knee re­place­ment.

If you be­lieve your only op­tions are ag­o­niz­ing knee pain or surgery...You are WRONG!

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Chicagoans, you can now elimi-nate your knee pain with a hot new pain cure.

Imag­ine... go shop­ping, walk­ing or jog­ging, gar­den­ing, go­ing to church, play­ing with your grand-chil­dren, or go­ing golf­ing with­out knee pain...

Do all of the things you used to en­joy and... get your life back free of knee pain.

Not only is it pos­si­ble, thou­sands of Chicagolan­d Boomers and Se-niors with knee pain have ex­peri-enced the amaz­ing re­lief this new non-sur­gi­cal treat­ment op­tion pro­vides.

It’s like tak­ing 30 years of wear and tear off your knees - in less than 30 min­utes! “I didn’t know how much LIFE and SLEEP I was miss­ing be­cause of my knee pain, un­til it went away with this won­der­ful treat­ment.” — Ge­orge R.

So What Is Caus­ing My Knee Pain And How Do I Stop It?

It’s pretty sim­ple, re­ally. You see, when you’re young, you have a thick, fluid pro­tein in­side your knee joints to lubri­cate them as you move.

This fluid also acts as a cush­ion and shock ab­sorber in­side your knee. It’s called syn­ovial fluid, and it works much like the oil in a car’s en­gine to keep all the parts mov-ing freely, with­out fric­tion. How­ever, as you age, this fluid dries out, leav­ing your bones to painfully rub and grind against each other with ev­ery step. And un­for­tu­nately, there’s no way for the knee to make more.

Af­ter years of work­ing per­fectly, your knee starts to feel a sub­tle ache with cer­tain ac­tiv­i­ties like us­ing stairs, kneel­ing down, or get­ting out of the car. With time, it be­comes a con­stant ache. If left un­treated, it can keep you awake at night, and hurt with ev­ery step.

But Should You Con­sider Surgery?

Maybe you’re think­ing about knee re­place­ment surgery. It’s a pop­u­lar op­tion that has been around for a while now. But, do you re­ally want to lay in bed for weeks with the pos­si­bil­ity of still be­ing in pain af­ter? We’ve seen many pa­tients still hurt­ing for years af­ter knee re­place­ment sur-gery. It’s not a 100% guar­an­tee that you’ll be pain-free.

The good news is, re­searchers have dis­cov­ered all natural, lu­bri­cat­ing fluid called Hyaluronic acid that is nearly iden­ti­cal to the fluid we have in our knees. It has been proven in nu­mer­ous clin­i­cal stud­ies to act as a natural lu­bri­cant in your joints.

It’s FDA ap­proved and is a per­fect cush­ion and shock ab­sorber for your joints. In fact, it’s even been com­pared to let­ting your sore joints rest on the soft­est down pil­low. It’s al­most as if your knee sighes with re­lief and re­lax­ation.

Sounds Nice But My Knees Aren’t That Bad...

Sure, you can put up with this ache in your knee, but the cost of do­ing noth­ing about it is HUGE. “Ev­ery day was hard. I couldn’t en-joy my fa­vorite ac­tiv­i­ties any­more. But thank­fully, now I’m back in full form. I am do­ing yard work for the first time in years!” — Phil M. Se­ri­ously, you can get the knee pain re­lief you are look­ing for with­out wast­ing your pre­cious time re­cov­ery­ing or even spend­ing a dime!

But, there is a HUGE prob­lem:

This treat­ment will ONLY work if it is ad­min­is­tered pre­cisely into the trou­bled tis­sues in the knees. If this treat­ment is de­liv­ered slightly off those ar­eas it will never help you.

This is why a lot of peo­ple have re­ceived treat­ments like or­tho­visc or Syn­visc in the past and never had any pain re­lief. A lot of them went on to have surgery they never needed in the first place.

In fact, a re­cent study looked at trained doc­tors who ad­min­is­ter those kinds of in­jec­tions blindly found that a third of them miss those spe­cific ar­eas in the joints. So, those pa­tients walked away not know­ing that what­ever treat­ment they re­ceived will never have a chance to work be­cause it com­pletely missed the trou­ble ar­eas.

This is why the doc­tors at Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute use ad­vanced im-aging in ad­di­tion to an unique dou­ble con­fir­ma­tion tech­nique to guar­an­tee that ev­ery sin­gle in­jec­tion ad­min­is­tered ends up in the right place. Tak­ing the pre­ci­sion fur­ther to a dou­ble con­fir­ma­tion tech­nique is ex­actly why pa­tients pre­vi­ously fail-ing with 3 dif­fer­ent doc­tors with­out ad­vance imag­ing are now hav­ing pain re­lief for the first time in more than forty years. No won­der many pa­tients are driv­ing all the way from Michi­gan to re­ceive this treat­ment.

Is it true this natural treat­ment costs NOTH­ING?

Yes, more good news, be­sides the pain re­lief, is that be­cause this non­sur­gi­cal pro­gram has al­ready proven to help thou­sands of se­niors, Medi-care and other in­sur­ance plans will cover the full cost of the treat­ment. So there is very likely NO COST to you for this life-chang­ing treat­ment.

Is it true? Could it be that this natural treat­ment cost NOTH­ING or very lit­tle out of pocket?

Yes! More good news be­sides the pain re­lief is that be­cause this non-sur­gi­cal pain re­lief pro­gram has al­ready proven to help thou­sands of se­niors, Medi­care and other in­sur­ance plans pay for ALL or most of the cost of the treat­ment. So there is very likely LIT­TLE or NO COST to you for this in-of­fice treat­ment.

Here is what you need to do Call now for a free screen­ing...

If you or a loved one is suf­fer­ing with knee pain, this could be the blessed re­lief you’re look­ing for.

You are per­son­ally in­vited to a FREE knee pain screen­ing from the Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute doc­tors to see if you are a good can­di­date for this all natural, highly-pre­cise treat­ment.

Your screen­ing will only take about 2030 min­utes of your time, as one of their doc­tors sits down with you and an­swers all the ques­tions you have about your knees.

On the day of your treat­ment, you’ll be able to come in on your own, and be done within 30 min­utes or less. No pain. No prob­lem driv­ing your­self home.

Due to high de­mand, they can only of­fer a limited num­ber of FREE screen­ings ev­ery month. So if you’re in­ter­ested, Call now (708) 963-0065. TeleMedici­ne Now Avail­able

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