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Cy the Cynic says three things al­ways tell the truth: small chil­dren, peo­ple who have had one drink too many, and bi­cy­cle shorts. But de­fend­ers need not tell de­clarer how things stand.

In a team match, both Wests led the four of hearts against 3NT, and East took the ace and re­turned the three. At one ta­ble, West won and led the deuce, his low­est heart, in­di­cat­ing an en­try in the low-rank­ing suit.

South won and was sure he would go down if he forced out the ace of clubs next. He led a di­a­mond to his jack, took the king, led a spade to dummy and cashed the ace of di­a­monds. The lucky 3-3 split gave him nine tricks: five di­a­monds, three spades and one heart.

At the other ta­ble, West wasn’t so will­ing to tell South how to play. On the sec­ond heart, West fol­lowed with the seven, as if he’d led from a four-card suit and was keep­ing a link with his part­ner.

Then South thought it safe to force out the ace of clubs for nine tricks. He soon saw the truth of the mat­ter.

Daily ques­tion

You hold: ♠ KQ10 ♥ J105 ♦ KJ ♣ K J 10 6 4. South in to­day’s deal opened one club with this hand. Do you agree with that ac­tion?

An­swer: To open one club with 14 points looks rou­tine, but I could make a case for up­grad­ing to a 1NT open­ing, as­sum­ing that bid showed 15 to 17 points. The five-card suit and three 10s add value, es­pe­cially for play at notrump. Still, the lack of aces would dis­cour­age. I ex­pect I would open one club as South did. South dealer

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