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Once upon a time there were Three Lit­tle Pigs, each play­ing at six di­a­monds in a du­pli­cate game. West, a Big Bad Wolf, led a spade. (Ev­ery West in this game was a BBW.) East took the ace and re­turned a spade.

The first Lit­tle Pig dis­carded his heart loser and ran his win­ners. East kept his clubs and won the last trick, and West ate up the Lit­tle Pig out of sheer con­tempt for his dummy play.

Pig No. 2 threw a club on the king of spades. He drew trumps and took the A-K of clubs. When West dis­carded, South lacked the en­tries to use dummy’s fifth club. He lost a heart — and was eaten up.

The third Lit­tle Pig pitched a club on the king of spades, cashed two trumps and then led the A-K of clubs. When West couldn’t ruff, South led a trump to dummy, ruffed a club, led a heart to dummy and ruffed a club. He went to a high heart to throw his heart loser on the good club.

West was so im­pressed that not only did he de­cline to eat de­clarer, he asked him for a date to play.

Daily ques­tion

You hold: ♠ Q ♥ 853 ♦ AJ10982 ♣ AK 4. Your part­ner opens one spa de, you bid two di­a­monds, he re­bids two spades and you try three clubs. Part­ner then bids three di­a­monds. What do you say?

An­swer: If part­ner’s hand is A J 954,76, K Q 7, Q 53, you need to play at five di­a­monds. If he has AK 654, J 76, K 74, Q 5, the only make­able game may be 3NT. To re-raise to four di­a­monds would be rea­son­able. A few ex­perts would try a devious “fourth-suit” bid of three hearts.

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