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“I know it’s of­ten right to wait to draw trumps,” an aspir­ing club player said to me. “You may need ruffs or en­tries, or you may have some­thing you must do first, such as set­ting up a fast dis­card for an im­pend­ing loser. What’s hard for me is de­cid­ing how long to wait. Just when do you draw trumps?”

“Maybe, never,” I said. Against to­day’s four spades, West took two high hearts and shifted to the jack of di­a­monds. South won and tried to draw trumps by cash­ing the A-K. When East un­ex­pect­edly showed out, de­clarer took the king of clubs and fi­nessed with his jack, hop­ing to get a dis­card for his di­a­mond loser. Un­lucky; down one.

South should have waited for the next deal to draw trumps. He should take the A-K of di­a­monds, ruff a heart, cash the K-A of clubs, ruff the jack in dummy and ruff dummy’s last heart.

At Trick 10, South ex­its with a di­a­mond. Dummy has A-10-5 of trumps, and South has K-J-9. With a de­fender to lead, South is sure of the last three tricks.

Daily ques­tion

You hold :♠ A 1053♥ J 652 ♦K 64♣ K 6. Your part­ner opens one di­a­mond, you re­spond one heart, he bids two clubs and you try 2NT. Part­ner then bids three di­a­monds. What do you say?

An­swer: Part­ner’s auc­tion sug­gests six di­a­monds, four clubs and ex­tra strength. With a min­i­mum 6-4 hand, he would have re­bid two di­a­monds to limit his strength. Since he may have a hand such as K4, 3,A Q 10753, A Q 94, you mustn’t in­sist on 3NT. Bid three spades or four di­a­monds.

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