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Cy the Cynic’s team had won my club’s monthly knock­out teams event.

“Ed worked his magic and saved us,” Cy told me. “The match was tied with one deal left. At my ta­ble, I opened 1NT as East. Af­ter two passes, North dou­bled and all passed. South led a heart, and I took two hearts and three clubs for down two, mi­nus 300.”

In the re­play, Ed, the club ex­pert, landed at four hearts as South.

“He had to make it to win the match,” Cy said, “but he had two trumps and two clubs to lose.”

Third club: When West led a club, East took the K-A and led a third club. Ed ruffed, took the A-K of di­a­monds, ruffed a di­a­mond, led a spade to dummy and ruffed a club. He took two more high spades and led dummy’s last di­a­mond at the 11th trick.

“East had A-J-6 of trumps,” Cy said, “Ed had K-9-8, and dummy had Q-5. The de­fend­ers’ sec­ond trump trick van­ished. What­ever East did, Ed could take two more tricks. Plus 620, and we won.”

A di­a­mond shift by East at Trick Two beats four hearts.

Daily ques­tion

You hold: ♠ 10963 ♥ AJ6 ♦ QJ10 ♣ A K J. The dealer, at your right, opens one spade.

What do you say?

An­swer: This is a judg­ment call. To over­call 1NT might work well. Even if your part­ner has no help in spades and lets you play at 1NT, you might take seven tricks. But since the hand has good de­fen­sive val­ues, to pass and wait might be even bet­ter. If the op­po­nents are vul­ner­a­ble, I would cer­tainly pass and hope for a juicy penalty.

East dealer

N-S vul­ner­a­ble


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