Chicago Sun-Times - - CUBS BEAT -

SOX SEC­OND Jiménez reached on in­field sin­gle. En­car­nación struck out. Robert home­red, Jiménez scored. Two runs. Sox 2, Cubs 0. SOX THIRD An­der­son dou­bled. Gran­dal sin­gled, An­der­son to third. Abreu home­red, An­der­son scored, Gran­dal scored. Three runs. Sox 5, Cubs 0.

SOX FOURTH Men­dick home­red. En­gel reached on in­field sin­gle, safe at sec­ond on field­ing er­ror by Báez. Goins flied out. An­der­son struck out. Gran­dal home­red, En­gel scored. Three runs. Sox 8, Cubs 0.

SOX SEV­ENTH Gran­dal lined out. Abreu lined out. Jiménez home­red. One run. Sox 9, Cubs 0. CUBS EIGHTH Cara­tini dou­bled. Pérez lined out. Almora Jr. sin­gled, Cara­tini to third. Happ lined out. Ho­erner sin­gled, Cara­tini scored. One run. Sox 9, Cubs 1.

SOX NINTH Gran­dal struck out. Abreu home­red. One run. Sox 10, Cubs 1.

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