Chicago Sun-Times : 2020-09-18

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52 | Friday, September 18, 2020 | The Hardest-Working Paper in America | THE CHEAT SHEET BEST BET GIANTS at BEARS PANTHERS at BUCCANEERS TOP PLAYS 49ers at Jets Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): Noon, Ch. 2. Bears by 5½. Noon. Bucs by 9. Time: Line: Records (overall/ATS): Total: Noon. 49ers by 7. 42½. 49ers 0-1/0-1; Jets 0-1/0-1. VIKINGS at COLTS 42. Giants 47½. Panthers 0-1/0-1; Buccaneers 0-1/0-1. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers figure to rebound after losing to the Saints last week. Buccaneers 34, Panthers 23. Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): Noon. Colts by 3. 0-1/0-1; Bears 1-0/1-0. Bears and Mitch Trubisky shook off the rust of the COVID-19 offseason and found their groove to beat the Lions last week. Giants’ rebuild under Joe Judge looks step-by-step. Caveat emptor: I fall for this narrative every single year. Bears 23, Giants 10. 48½. Outlook: Outlook: Vikings 0-1/0-1; Colts 0-1/0-1. Pick: Outlook: The Colts look like a great bounce-back pick in Week 2 — a talented team that was upset in its opener, losing to the Jaguars on the road. But the Vikings have them trumped in that department, getting crushed at home by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. The Vikings usually recover well in these spots under steady coach Mike Zimmer, and they had the tougher degree of difficulty in Week 1. Vikings 31, Colts 17. FALCONS at COWBOYS Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): Noon. Cowboys by 4½. Pick: 52½. Falcons 0-1/0-1; Cowboys 0-1/0-1. The Falcons are 5-0 SU/ ATS in Week 2 under Dan Quinn — 10-1 SU/ATS since 2009. Falcons 27, Cowboys 24. BRONCOS at STEELERS NFL BEAT Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): Noon. Steelers by 7½. Outlook: 41½. Broncos 0-1/1-0; Steelers 1-0/1-0. Tough start for Vic Fangio: loses Von Miller; lastsecond loss with two timeouts in hand; now the rejuvenate­d Steelers with Ben Roethlisbe­rger (117.8 rating vs. the Giants). Steelers 23, Broncos 16. Pick: Outlook: WASHINGTON FT at CARDINALS Pick: Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): 3:05 p.m., Fox-32. Cardinals by 7. LIONS at PACKERS 47½. Pick: Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): Noon. Packers by 6. 49½. Washington FT 1-0/1-0; Cardinals 1-0/1-0. BILLS at DOLPHINS Outlook: Both teams are due for a letdown after upset victories in Week 1. Unless Kyler Murray-toDeAndre Hopkins is for real. Cardinals 31, Washington FT 27. Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): Noon. Bills by 5½. Lions 0-1/0-1; Packers 1-0/1-0. 41. Bills 1-0/ Outlook: The Packers are a big public choice here after Aaron Rodgers was in prime form in a 43-34 victory over the Vikings (364 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs, 127.5 rating), while the Lions blew a 23-6 lead in the fourth quarter against the Bears. The Lions play the Packers tough — 4-2 SU/6-0 ATS in their last six meetings. But not this time. 1-0; Dolphins 0-1/0-1. If QB Josh Allen (104.6 rating vs. the Jets, but with two fumbles) indeed takes that big next step, the Bills with their defense could overtake the Patriots in the AFC East. Bills 19, Dolphins 17. Pick: Outlook: CHIEFS at CHARGERS Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): 3:25 p.m., Ch. 2. Chiefs by 8½. 47½. Chiefs 1-0/1-0; Chargers 0-1/0-0-1. The Chiefs have had 10 days off since beating the Texans. That’s Andy Reid’s wheelhouse. Chiefs 42, Chargers 24. Pick: Mark Potash Sun-Times Marc Silverman 1000-AM David Kaplan NBCSCH BEARS Outlook: JAGUARS at TITANS THE EXPERTS Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): Noon. Titans by 9. Bears -5½ vs. Giants Steelers -7½ vs. Broncos Bills -5½ at Dolphins Titans -9 vs. Jaguars Packers -6 vs. Lions Rams -1 at Eagles Buccaneers -9 vs. Panthers Colts -3 vs. Vikings Cowboys -4½ vs. Falcons 49ers -7 at Jets Cardinals -7 vs. Washington FT Chiefs -8½ at Chargers Ravens -7 at Texans Seahawks -4 vs. Patriots Saints -5½ at Raiders (Monday) Browns -6 vs. Bengals (Thursday) Last week Best bet Best bets + top plays Bears Broncos Dolphins Titans Bears Broncos Dolphins Jaguars 42. Jaguars Pick: Packers 42, Lions 21. Pick: Steelers Dolphins Titans 1-0/1-0; Titans 1-0/0-1. It looks like the Jaguars made the right decision when they chose fifth-round pick Gardner Minshew over Nick Foles. The Titans are 5-1 ATS vs. the Jags since 2017. Titans 24, Jaguars 10. PATRIOTS at SEAHAWKS RAVENS at TEXANS Outlook: Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): 3:25 p.m. Ravens by 7. Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): 7:20 p.m., Ch. 5. Seahawks by 4. 45. Packers PACKERS Packers 52. Ravens Rams Buccaneers Rams Panthers Eagles Panthers 1-0/1-0; Texans 0-1/0-1. Back door is always open with Deshaun Watson on the field. Ravens 34, Texans 31. Pick: Vikings Vikings Vikings Outlook: Patriots 1-0/1-0; Seahawks 1-0/1-0. Falcons Cowboys Jets Cardinals Chiefs Texans Cowboys 49ers RAMS at EAGLES Pick: Outlook: Leave it to Bill Belichick to put a player in the best position to succeed. Cam Newton rushed for 75 yards and 2 TDs (on 15 carries) vs. the Dolphins in Week 1, his highest rushing total since 2017. The Pats traveled well in the Tom Brady era, especially west of the Rockies. Pats 28, Seahawks 27. 49ERS Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): Noon. Rams by 1. Washington Chiefs Texans Washington 46. Rams 1-0/1-0; Eagles 0-1/0-1 . Jared Goff vs. Carson Wentz was a much bigger deal in 2017. The Eagles flopped vs. Washington and figure to bounce back. But the Rams are good on the road (6-2 ATS last season). Rams 20, Eagles 17. SAINTS at RAIDERS Chargers Ravens Time: Line: Total: Records (overall/ATS): 7:15 p.m. Monday, ESPN. Saints by 5½. 49½. Saints 1-0/1-0; Raiders 1-0/1-0. The Saints are 14-2 SU/13-3 ATS on the road since 2017 — 7-0 SU/ATS in their last seven. Saints 27, Raiders 20. Patriots Seahawks Raiders Seahawks Outlook: Saints Browns 9-6-1 1-0 3-1 Raiders Bengals 12-3-1 1-0 2-1-1 Bengals 6-9-1 0-1 2-2 Outlook: Pick: Pick: Pick: