Painted Ging­ham Tray

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What You’ll Need:

Ba­sic tray or wood board cut to size Bun­ga­low 47™ Furniture Paint in Farm­house Sink and Nau­ti­cal Stripe

Pain­ter’s tape

Mea­sur­ing tape


Two metal han­dles

Paper tow­els

What You’ll Do:


Paint on a base coat of Farm­house Sink. Let it dry.


Mark the cen­ter of your board at both ends. This will es­tab­lish the cen­ter of the plaid de­sign, so you end up with equal dis­tances on ei­ther side.


Tear a piece of tape long enough to cover your length, and wrap the edges be­cause you’ll be paint­ing the pat­tern down the sides as well. Fold the tape in half length­wise, ad­he­sive on the out­side. This is go­ing to help you cen­ter your pat­tern, and you will re­peat this for the other direc­tion.


Place your first piece of tape along the cen­ter tape guide, the folded side against the cen­ter mark­ings. Un­fold the tape and press down. The cen­ter of the tape should line up per­fectly with your marked cen­ter line.


Be­gin putting your next tape pieces on ei­ther side of your guide; then pull away your guide and place it on the op­po­site side of your tape.


Con­tinue plac­ing your tape lines us­ing the first piece of tape as your guide un­til you have gone down the en­tire board. The white space left is where you will dry brush on your ac­cent color.


To dry brush, thin the Nau­ti­cal Stripe paint with a lit­tle bit of wa­ter and keep your brush sparse and dry. Dab some paint onto your brush; then blot off the paint onto a barely damp paper towel. Brush lightly into the white ar­eas. Let them dry.


Re­peat steps 4 through 7, plac­ing stripes per­pen­dic­u­lar to your first set. Dry brush the re­main­ing open ar­eas with more paint. Let them dry com­pletely; then care­fully pull off the tape.


Mea­sure and drill holes to af­fix your han­dles.

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