Knit­ting Novice


Iam a wannabe knit­ter. I love the idea of it—the nee­dles clack­ing while I catch up with a friend or sit in a meet­ing. It seems such a great way to stay pro­duc­tive dur­ing mo­ments of down­time. Plus, there’s the cud­dly sweater that re­sults.

Alas, I’ve never been able to learn, de­spite try­ing on sev­eral oc­ca­sions. Knit­ter friends say the fact that I’m left-handed could be the rea­son—it’s hard to re­verse the mo­tions I’ve ob­served in my right-handed knit­ter pals. I’ve un­rav­eled the re­sults each time.

But now there’s a use for all those balls of yarn left over from my failed at­tempts. The whim­si­cal yarn-ball wreath on page 11 is oh so sim­ple, and it will be per­fect on my early spring­time door. I may not have mas­tered the purl stitch yet, but I’m con­fi­dent I can wrap yarn around a foam form.

This is­sue has so many crafts I want to try. My Valen­tine might just find a love note on a sewing spool, like the one on page 62, tucked into his pocket. Crafter Stephanie Sli­win­ski created this sweet idea. She brings to life many of the crafts you see in Coun­try Woman, and we thought it was time we in­tro­duced her to you. You’ll find her story on the same page as her spool craft.

I don’t think there’s a bet­ter sea­son to re­treat to the craft room, to wait while win­ter re­cedes into spring. Maybe I’ll even try tak­ing up knit­ting again. If you have some tips, send ’em my way. Per­haps this is the win­ter those nee­dles fi­nally click into place for me. Un­til next is­sue, happy craft­ing. I can’t wait to see what you cre­ate.

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