Black Beauty

Our fam­ily’s gen­tle don­key shared a spe­cial bond with neigh­bors and young grand­kids.


iv­ing on a farm, we feel like many of our dear an­i­mals are part of the fam­ily. That was def­i­nitely the case with Black Beauty, or Blackie, as we af­fec­tion­ately re­ferred to her. Although we also have two other don­keys, she was al­ways ex­tra pre­cious to us.

Blackie passed away in Jan­uary af­ter be­ing our beloved an­gel for 40 years. This mam­moth don­key pro­vided many rides to de­lighted chil­dren, and she gave birth to sev­eral lit­tle don­key jacks. Each time we hoped for another black jenny like her, but it never hap­pened.

It was such a pleasure to see how gen­tle this don­key was with all of

Lthe grand­kids, es­pe­cially our youngest, An­nie. They were true bud­dies. It gave me so much joy to watch Blackie rest her head on An­nie’s shoul­der while they vis­ited in the field.

Christ­mas­time was al­ways so won­der­ful. Blackie loved to eat pep­per­mint sticks, and all 11 of our grand­kids fought over who got to give her the spe­cial hol­i­day treat.

Another mem­ory is when one of our grand­daugh­ters, Seren­ity, took two slices of bread, placed a small amount of hay be­tween them, and then fed this sand­wich to Blackie for lunch!

When­ever our son, Scott, went hunt­ing on our prop­erty (I should say, when he at­tempted to hunt), Blackie would give him away with her bray­ing if she was nearby.

She al­ways had to make sure Scott ac­knowl­edged her pres­ence. He couldn’t be mad at her be­cause she was just claim­ing her share of his at­ten­tion. Scott jok­ingly said Blackie was his deer re­pel­lent.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that she had our whole fam­ily wrapped around her lit­tle hoof, many of our neigh­bors fell in love with her, too. They of­ten stopped by and gave her treats like ap­ples and car­rots—and a lot of pet­ting.

When­ever I count my bless­ings, I al­ways count this sweet beauty who shared her gen­tle ways at our coun­try home and en­riched our lives in so many ways.

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