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The most un­usual and cre­ative fer­men­ta­tion and keg­ging sys­tem we’ve seen to date

Test lab notes

The Cor­ni­cal was per­haps the most in­ter­est­ing fer­men­tor we tested. As we un­packed the it, there were mixed feel­ings on com­bin­ing the func­tions of a keg and fer­men­tor. Was this go­ing to be one of those 9-in-1 tools where it didn’t do any­thing well or was it go­ing to change the way we pack­aged?

If you’re brewing 5-gal­lon batches of beers with­out large ad­juncts (e.g. wood spi­rals), this fer­men­tor will let you fer­ment, sam­ple, drop out trub/yeast, then flip it over and cap it for car­bon­a­tion all in one ves­sel. On the flip side (see what we did there?), if you’re into larger batches, in-ves­sel tem­per­a­ture con­trol, or split­ting your equip­ment so you can fer­ment one beer while serv­ing an­other beer, this might not be the right so­lu­tion for you.

The Cor­ni­cal per­formed flaw­lessly in our test­ing, main­tain­ing pres­sure for kegged beer and never leak­ing through fer­men­ta­tion.

As with ev­ery­thing that Blich­mann makes, it’s built to last with some of the nicest fit­tings and cus­tom parts. And it’s the world’s eas­i­est keg to clean since the bot­tom comes off.

Price: $499.99 Man­u­fac­turer: Blich­mann Engi­neer­ing

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