Ab­nor­mal Beer Co.’s Ad­junct-ready Im­pe­rial Stout

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Derek Gal­lanosa of Ab­nor­mal Beer Co. in San Diego brews this im­pe­rial stout base be­fore giv­ing it treat­ments such as vanilla, cof­fee, co­conut, and more.


Batch size: 5 gal­lons (19 liters) Brew­house ef­fi­ciency: 59% OG: 1.110 FG: 1.032 IBUS: 40 ABV: 10.3%


13 lb (5.9 kg) 2-row malt 2 lb (907 g) choco­late malt 1.75 lb (794 g) flaked oats 1 lb (454 g) Crys­tal 60L 1 lb (454 g) Cara­mu­nich 1 lb (454 g) Patag­o­nia Black Pearl 0.75 lb (340 g) roasted bar­ley 2 lb (907 g) light dry malt ex­tract (DME) 2 lb ( 907 g) Malto Dex­trin 0.5 lb (227 g) rice hulls


2.3 oz (65 g) Nugget [15.5% AA] at 60 min­utes

YEAST 2 pack­ets


Use 1 quart (946 ml) of water per pound (454 g) of malt. Add all the base grains at the bot­tom of the lauter/ mash tun, then the spe­cialty grains on top of that. It helps with lau­ter­ing. Mash at 148°F (64°C) for 4 hours. Boil for 60 min­utes fol­low­ing the hops sched­ule. Chill the wort, and pitch the yeast. Aer­ate for 30–60 sec­onds on the first day of fer­men­ta­tion to help bring down the fi­nal grav­ity a bit. Fer­ment at 66°F (19°C) and on day 5 or when fer­men­ta­tion be­gins to slow down, raise the tem­per­a­ture to 70°F (21°C).

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